Goldenrod Homestead Financial Boost!

Hey Everyone,

Well I have some good news. It’s bittersweet, but good. I recently sold off a big piece of technology from art school to gain a good amount of money for the garden/homestead this coming year. I have another being sold off later next week I believe.

So far that means I’ve got just a hair over $500 to invest in the homestead and I’m going for it. I promised myself and Justin (and he agrees) that I would spend it on the homestead.

I know we have a lot of debt and issues going on right now, but here’s our thought process. If we use this money to pay down a credit card or something, we just set ourselves up to use it up on groceries later in the year. However, if we use it on the garden we provide ourselves with food and extra cash not spent on groceries. It’s a wiser, long-term investment we feel.

On top of that, the more plants we get into this homestead, the more we can offer on our Etsy Shop (live plants, seeds, dried herbs and more), which will help us survive as well. All these things combined are worth more than just the sum of the cash, by far.

Plants Coming to the Homestead

These are the plants that are already ordered and paid for:

  • Anne Raspberry (10) Gold, Everbearing (I think)
  • American Elderberry (2) Standard

Here is a list of what I’m looking to get:

  • Issai Kiwi (4) I’ve heard this kiwi can be self-fruitful without a male plant, however I did order 2 male and 2 females to be safe. Also known as a kiwi-berry. They are small, hairless and hardy.
  • Goji Berry (1) Will be propagated into many plants
  • Paw Paw Tree (4) Banana of the north.
  • American Persimmon (2)
  • Mary Washington Asparagus (10) I don’t like Asparagus that much, but Justin does and it’s a good seller at Farmer’s markets at the very least
  • Hardy Pecan (2)
  • Strawberries (25)
  • Russian Mulberry (2)
  • Elberta Peaches (2) Standard
  • Basketry Willow (?)

There will also be other, non-edible plants included that I will share with you. I’m hoping to do a small profile for each one so you can always see what’s growing on the homestead!

We’re hoping this will be the beginning of a long-term production of fruits and nuts on the homestead. We’ve already got a small orchard, but we needed to expand. Small fruits are much more productive to begin with (and tasty) and they are also easy to sell or process if we have an extreme excess. They also get labeled “superfoods” a lot more than tree fruits and I personally believe food should be your first medicine. They will, in the very least, help satiate us until the fruit trees start producing.

We can’t wait to show you all the amazing plants and projects we’re working on. You’re going to love it! 2016 is going to be a big year!

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Ben and Justin

P.S. Don’t forget to check out our handmade soaps, crafts and seeds on our Etsy Shop!


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  1. Nicky says:

    Hi guys, I’ve just found your blog via kitchensgarden blog. Nice list of plants you have purchased. I grow aguta kiwifruit, one male and one female, sound similar to the issai kiwi’s you have. Mine are now three years old and I have a good sized crop, they are unusual and delicious, everyone loves them. Unfortunately they don’t keep like the green furry kiwis, more like berry fruit. Good luck with your plants!

    1. Thanks Nicky! I’ve been researching these kiwi fruit and it looks like the arguta kiwi are basically the same. Issai is just a cultivar I think, but they are pretty much the same plant. We are purchasing the same kind you have because “Issai” has gained a lot of popularity, so the prices are sky high. We can’t wait to taste them ourselves!

  2. That’s an awesome list! I’m looking into adding artic kiwi here eventually myself. I wish we could grow paw paw but I think our soil isn’t right for it. Ah well, you can never do it all. If I could, I’d have a million avocado trees. Lol.

    1. I would kill to grow avocados in this climate….or mandarin oranges….mmmm

      1. Sometimes I dream about some magic spell or scifi device that would make one corner of my yard tropical. Lol.

      2. Haha! That would be awesome. I actually dreamed our soap curing rack, even the dimensions. As soon as I woke up I wrote it down and sketched it.

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