Chicken Update!

Chickens montage.jpg

Hello all!

I thought I would update you on the chickens.

Pictured Above:
Top Left—Peanut. Female Ameraucana (lays blue eggs)
Top Right—No name Barred Rock. Justin‘s favorite. Male (you can see his little waddles coming in) UPDATE: Now named “Abraxus”
Bottom Left—Wil Wheaten, male Wheaten. I have a female of this color as well, but Wil might become dinner one day because I don’t need any more boys. They lay blue eggs as well.
Bottom Right—One of three Blue Splash Wheaten Ameraucanas. Unfortunately I don’t know their sex yet since their combs are so small. They also lay blue eggs.
Not Pictured: 3 Rhode Island reds. Either 2 boys, 1 girl or 2 girls, 1 boy. Not sure yet, but definitely one boy at least. They lay brown eggs.
As you can see, they are almost fully feathered at 4.5 weeks and 3.5 weeks (each batch). They are very healthy and happy! Only one Rhode Island has a curled toe and she’s just gonna have to live with it. It’s not hurting her at all.
These chickens are so noisy (no crowing yet, still little chick peeps) and dirty. I can’t wait to get them out of the back bedroom. The first batch will be making the move after Christmas since they are fully feathered. The other 5 will follow them just after New Years. I will be putting a heat lamp in the garage for them to keep it a bit warmer as they continue to develop feathers, but I’m ready to have my grow room back for my plants!  My figs need more space!
The chickens really need more space, but my figs! So important.
We expect our first eggs in April and our first home-grown roasted chicken in February….although it’s gonna be hard to cull a couple off. But the first time is always the hardest I suppose.
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  1. Love the names you’ve chosen! We swore not to name our quails but a few of them ended up with names of sorts. There was Big Feisty, Lady Hawk, White Chest, and Head Wound. Lol.

    1. Lol!! We did not name our quails, they are just “The Quails” because they all look exactly the same. We decided to name the chickens only because we knew some of them would be kept. Peanut had a peanut shape on her back when she was born, completely unique to her. Wil Wheaten will be a crockpot rooster most likely, but his sister, Wilhelmina (Wilma for short) should stick around. We did name the Barred Rock (Abraxus) because he has already proven to be very evenly tempered and he’s already taken the role of great protector. If he continues this way he will definitely be the rooster we keep.

      P.S. I just remembered we did name one quail. She is know as “The Fat One”.

      1. The Fat one probably got her name the same way most of ours did. Lol.

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