Chicken Fiasco—Newborns


Update: We did lose one chick. Down to 6.

Hey Everyone!

All the chicks are born that we’re gonna have in this batch. Out of 13 eggs, we got 7 chicks. As I mentioned in previous posts, 4 eggs were taken out due to early termination or being unfertilized. The remaining 9 came to term, two did not make it out of the eggs however. They never even pipped.

Right now we have 4 Rhode Island Reds, 2 Ameraucanas and 1 Barred Rock.  The very last to hatch, the one Ameraucana, got his egg totally open, but the membrane stuck to him. Well, after 24 hours of being stuck, we took him out to find the membrane totally dry and stuck to him, but he was still fighting. We moistened him up and peeled it all off and put him back in the incubator.

The next morning we found him stuck to the incubator again, apparently he still had a lot of goo in his feathers. We washed him up again and he’s still doing great! Very lively. Now I keep trying to get his feathers unstuck and clean him up, but I think he’ll make it. For a chick that has struggled to live for almost 48 hours, he is very full of life.

I’m still not sure how 70% humidity dried his egg out so bad, but I think and I hope we’ve got him sorted out.

Everybody else, however, came out of their eggs just fine. They are all fluffy and adorable. They are definitely much smarter than Quail. All of them know who Justin and I are already and they love following our hands in the brooder. We keep trying to handle them a bit so that when they are full grown, they will be easy to work with. I don’t want a flock of wild hens, I want docile ones.


Next Batch: Nov. 27th

The next batch of chicks is due to hatch Nov. 27th, this coming Black Friday. They are all Ameraucana (Blue Splash Wheaten). This time we won’t make the mistake of leaving one if the shell gets stuck to him. We learn more and more every time we hatch.

We have 7 viable eggs for this batch, but we’ll see what we come up with. With 7 chickens already born, I’m hoping for at least 3. More is fine, but 3 would be perfect.


Well, stay tuned for the next hatch session! We’ll let you know what happens!

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  1. Edith says:

    Can you tell me how to tell if an egg is good or not (you said viable)… is there a way to tell just by looking at it?

    1. Get yourself a flashlight and take the eggs into a dark room. On day #10 of incubation an egg should be mostly dark, but you can usually see movement. Your eyes need to adjust to the darkness first. Research Egg Candling, that’s what it’s called. It’s the best way to tell if they are viable or not. At Day #10, like I said, the egg will be mostly dark, if it’s totally clear or has a “ring” that late in incubation, it’s no good.
      Hope that helps! has some GREAT info on anything chicken related.

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