Chickens Incubating Day #8


Hello Everyone!

Well, we’re on day #8 of incubation for the first set of eggs and day #2 for the new eggs. I’ll explain in a minute.


We ordered 6 Rhode Island Red’s, 6 Ameraucana and 6 Plymouth Barred Rocks from Waco, Texas on Ebay. They apparently had a rough ride and poor handling because when they arrived 5 were totally smashed and I’m not sure if the other eggs got scrambled or not. I’m going to be candling them in a few days and I’ll give you the update then! Anyway, all we have at this point is the 6 RIR’s, 3 Ameraucana and 4 PBR’s. Hopefully they weren’t too messed up in shipping. Currently I still have an insurance claim with USPS to get my money back for their negligence. I say negligence because the box was clearly labeled on all sides that it was eggs and it was still tossed around.

On Monday I ordered some replacements (I sold my guitar, so I had some extra money). This time I bought something a bit frivolous, but not that much. They are still chickens, but I’m hoping to expand our income possibilities with them.

I bought 6 Blue Splash Wheaten Ameraucanas from Cathy6487 on Ebay. Not only does she have a 100% rating, but her packing job was amazing!


Look at this!!! Each egg individually wrapped, then wrapped tightly in a but wad of bubble wrap. Then it was covered in newspaper and more bubble wrap to make it impossible for the eggs to move inside the package. Literally the best wrapped package I have ever received! And she’s out of northern Michigan, so they had a short trip! Oh! And she sent me two extras in cash there was some breakage, so now I have 8 eggs!

Sorry, really excited about the packaging.


Anyway, these guys arrived Thursday, sat out for 24 hours to settle and then went into the incubator. They should hatch about one week after the others. I’m going to continue to keep them in the same incubator while the others hatch, but I’m not going to allow the hatched chicks to spend more than 24 hours in the incubator. By the time these hatch the quail will have moved to their own cage.

Now for the frivolity in this purchase. I bought them solely based on their feather colors.

These guys are just amazing looking! I hope we get at least one rooster! Anyway, I was hoping to raise the financial ability of the chickens through selling feathers. I know Barred Rocks are popular in fly-tying and the other feathers could be a good item for jewelry makers or crafters. I figured we might as well use all of the chicken if we eat them. I also know that chickens are usually not super-profitable, so I’m trying to stretch it as much as possible.

On top of that, I will just enjoy looking at these chickens. Nothing wrong with that right??

Well that’s what’s going on with them. I’ll update you guys once I start candling. Hopefully we didn’t lose all those dropped eggs.

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  1. Hope they all turn out for you. I have eggs in the incubator. Some of my own PBRs. I’m going to try RIR because here in GA PBR didn’t lay well for me. We had RIR when I was a kid, and they seemed to do better.

    1. From what I’ve read, RIR average 5 eggs a week, PBR are 4/week and Ameraucanas are 3/week. I’m just hoping to get a nice balance of colors and production. My first goal is to feed us and my second goal is to sell. I think the color array will excite people.

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