I hope we didn’t botch the quails….

Hello all,

Well, we’re on our last leg of the journey for the quails! Yay! 1-5 more days until hatch!

Since we began incubating a couple problems have come to my attention.

  1. We had a cracked egg and I didn’t know it. I’m not sure if it was cracked recently or before we started. The crack is extremely minimal, it did not damage the internal membrane. It’s very small, but we’ll see what it does I guess.
  2. I don’t know which thermomter to trust. For the past 15 days our digital thermometer has been reading 100F-ish, with fluctuations of .3-.5 degrees. The $3 outdoor thermometer has been doing about the same thing (it has the red fluid in it, no read out, not mercury).
    However, last night I removed the eggs from the turning cartons and placed paper towel on the bottom of the incubator. I put the eggs back in new cartons for them to hatch out of and my digital thermometer is only getting to 98.2F now, which is too cold. I’m not sure if it was picking up extra heat from reflection or it’s been misreading this entire time, I have no idea. I really hope I haven’t killed the eggs by accident. If I average the two thermometers together, it’s pretty close to the correct temp, I’m just worried.
Before they heated back up to the 98.2F

Other than that, I think we’ve done everything pretty correctly. I’ve kept the humidity up by never letting it drop below 40%. Everything is functioning properly, I think. I did just turn the incubator up a hair to bump that thermometer up. If it was cold the whole time I’m either going to have a completely dead hatch or they are going to be late. I have no idea.

Here’s hoping everything is okay! You’ll all know by the 27th at the latest, because that’s their last possible day. After that I’ll be performing an Egg-topsy to see what went wrong if they don’t hatch. Send us some luck!

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8 Comments Add yours

  1. Grower says:

    When I was growing orchids I had two lab grade digital thermometers/hygrometers that didn’t agree even after I had them calibrated. The orchids did OK anyway. Here’s hoping that nature has built in some wiggle room around the optimum conditions for your eggs, too and that your little birdies will hatch just fine.

    1. I hope so! They weren’t very expensive thermometers, but from the sounds of the reviews on most incubators, they never are. That’s why I built my own.

  2. Taiylor Wallace says:

    Nature usually has a lot of wiggle room, right? I mean, even wild quails can’t keep their eggs at a perfect temperature, much less constantly.

    1. True. And we did have a 100% hatch of Robin’s eggs this spring and the momma bird flew off every time we opened the door. There’s got to be wiggle room.

  3. Try using a flashlight in a dark room to candle them. You will see a little bosy in there if they are still growing. It will glow bright if no growth.

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