Incubator is Finished!!

Hello Everyone!

Well, I’ve finally got the incubator finished and keeping temperature!

It’s all finished finally.


I bought a computer fan to keep the interior flowing and keep the temp even. It was about $12 on amazon and I hooked it up to an old phone charger I bought at Goodwill for $2.


Here is the whole setup. Those egg cartons can be turned from the outside, the sponge can be wetted from the outside, boosting the humidity (it hardly ever goes down anyway), the water bottle is for thermal insulation along with the fleece. There is a water heater thermostat in there that controls the temp and turns off the bulb when it gets hot enough. It’s holding at about 101F right now. I may turn it down just slightly. Not pictured is a second thermostat/hygrometer that is manual (not digital).


Get used to this view, you’ll probably see a lot of it starting Thursday.


There are vent holes that weren’t there when this picture was taken and the blanket folds up and over the top as well.


I did have to replace this thermostat because when I took it apart a pice went flying and I had NO idea. I got the thing up to 110F before I thought to look online. Sure enough, I was missing a piece. So I went and go another, swapped some pieces around and now it works.

I also switched out this lightbulb for a 75watt, I may switch it back, I’m not sure. The 75w heats it up fast and doesn’t have to stay on for long, but the whole tub is slightly flimsy at 100F, but not melting. Here’s hoping I don’t catch the house on fire, but it has been on for 6+ hours right now and it’s not melting, so I think it will be fine.

Now that the incubator is all finished and that I’m done making a TON of stupid mistakes, the eggs are ordered. They are coming from Texas and should be here by Thursday, Oct. 8th. Here’s hoping they arrive safe and fertile because I would really hate to have just spent about $200 on quail stuff to not have any hatch. That would be a pretty hard blow for me.

I hope everyone is looking forward to this as much as I am! I can’t wait to see my little quails when they hatch! Justin and my Dad can’t wait to eat them….lol.

Here’s to a good hatch! (I need quail prayers!)

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    1. Thank you! We’re hoping!

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