From Seed to Feed in 8 days: Barley Fodder Sprouting Trials

A great idea for feeding your flock!

Paca Pride Guest Ranch

02-20-12 Barley Fodder sprouting 004This Spring we are exploring an alternative to how we are feeding our herd (and chickens too!) The idea comes from the notion of fresh sprouts as a “superfood”;  if eating sprouts are super healthy for humans, then wouldn’t that also be true for animals?  As we are finding out, it sure is!

The conundrum… During the off-season for grazing our pastures, which in the Pacific Northwest can be over 6 months depending upon Mother Nature, traditional alpaca farmers will dry lot their animals on a diet that consists of dry orchard grass hay supplemented with a daily ration of dry, pelleted grain.  Think of it as putting yourself on a diet of freeze-dried food all winter long. Pelleted grain supplies additional vitamins and minerals that the hay cannot, but some say pelleted grains can have a tendency to coarsen alpaca fiber over time, something we really don’t want. There’s…

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