2Boys1Homestead is Going Through Some Changes

Hey everyone!

Sorry about the serious lack of updates. It’s that time of year again where everything needs to be done yesterday. We have been harvesting, canning and working like crazy to try to get everything done and we’re still behind.

The blog is renewing in the next few days and I’m going to be making some adjustments to it. I may even change the template it’s on, just to liven things up. I’m also working on some new ebooks and some quality articles for you guys. My goal is to make this a more professional looking site and less like a diary. I would really like for it to become a destination for homesteaders.

Since the farmer’s markets are ending in October and no one seems to want to hire me (sent out dozens of applications), I guess I’ll dedicate my time to the blog and other work-from-home things. I have some pretty serious goals set, so here’s hoping I can make them work!

Enjoy the new blog and I hope you are having a great harvest!

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  1. Love your blog and I think we’re all in the same shoes in regards to time and getting everything done. Can’t wait to see what changes you make and will be checking out your ebooks too!

    1. Thank you and I hope you enjoy them!

  2. Jonnie says:

    As thorough as you are, I’m sure any changes you feel you want to make, will be welcomed, by one and all. I have but one request, and that is , to keep the personal touch, in it. I think that was what caught my attention, and kept me reading your blog, from beginning to end. You are a welcome relief from the dry, and dull blogs, that are out there, in abundance. I can’t wait for you to become more active with your blogging once again. It makes me want to live next door to the two of you, so that I could watch your progress, first hand.😁😁😁

    1. Don’t worry, I will always make my stuff personal! Promise! I’m glad that everyone here seems to respond positively to my voice and the way I write. We’re just going to update the look of the site and start planning some really nice articles that can draw in more readers.
      And thank you!

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