Raw Milk Herd Share

Hey Everyone,

Well it happened, I finally got one! I finally got a raw milk herd share and it’s less than 25 minutes from my house as well. We found Two Sparrows Farm on LocalHarvest.org when a person in a group on Facebook suggested it to me. I didn’t know such a website existed, but it listed all CSA, Herd Share, Pick Your Own, Orchards and Farms selling in our area and beyond. Now I want to go sign up for all of them, but I have to remember that I want to grow my own food as well.

At Two Sparrows Farm we met Dan and Whitney, the owners. They purchased a rundown 15 acres (3 years ago) that had been neglected for years only 1 mile from my childhood home. I drove by that property for years and watched it decay. I’m happy to say that they have since cleaned it up considerably and have put it to work! The property is impossible farmland, being extremely hilly, sandy and swampy in the low parts. However, this works out perfectly for them! The couple is actively rebuilding pasture for their small herd of dairy cows, they are employing chickens and pigs to clear and clean land for them and they are making the old farm come to life again!

Dan and Whitney milk their cows twice and day and sell herd shares for raw milk (raw milk sales are illegal in Michigan, so you MUST lease a percentage of the cow), they take orders and sell meat chickens and turkeys, they sell organic, free range eggs and they also do pork sales as well! Dan told me they had done beef in the past, but with the dairy cattle, they really needed pasture for them, I’m not sure if they will attempt beef in the future, although it’s still listed on their website.

If you are in the West Michigan area, I would urge you to visit the Two Sparrows Farm website and consider taking a share out or purchasing from their farm. Not only are they organic and non-GMO, they treat their animals with respect and they are YOUNG! Something the farming world, especially small farms, desperately need right now. They are incredibly kind and good people, I will probably be doing the majority of our meat business with them in the future as well as keeping my herd share for raw milk.

Also, I’ve been drinking the raw milk for 4 days now and my eczema is clearing up very quickly and my digestive system is starting to go back to normal. It’s amazing what it’s doing already!

Don’t forget to subscribe!



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