Sunday on the Homestead

Hey Everyone!

Wow, you’re getting a lot of posts this week. I’ve been ditching the farmer’s market this week because of the fair, but I’m starting up next week again. Yay…baking. It’s starting to lose it’s luster, but it’s still doing alright, so that’s fine. It doesn’t last all year anyway.

So, we’ve got a few more things going on here.


We finally built our pallet compost bin. Double bin with the ability to put an addition on later if we need it. It’s not the prettiest thing in the world, but I really love it. It came together decently simply and it’s functional. It also adds a bit of that “farm spirit” to the place, which I really like. Note to others, get 3″ screws. I only got 2″ thinking they would be too long, I was really wrong. Definitely needed bigger screws. I’ll remember that for next time.


Finally harvested some peppers! We’ve gotten 4 Banana’s and 18 Jalapenos so far. I’m going to be canning the Jalapenos as we get more. I’ll probably just do refrigerator pickles unless they start coming in hard, then I’ll actually can them. We have some baby bell peppers coming along, the biggest is the size of a golf ball at the moment. We also have some Anaheim peppers coming in, but they are pretty small yet.


Apple Trees are finally recovering from being eaten twice. I’ll probably have to put bigger cages on them next year, but this was a free, quick fix.

3 of the pear trees are doing great! One of them looks a little strange, though I’m not sure why. It’s just not leafing out very much.


12 cucumber plants….this is ridiculous. I’ve never seen cucumber plants get this big in my life.


Put some hybrid poplars out in the front lawn. My hope is that they will shade the house one day and block the road a bit.


I have so many green tomatoes in my garden! It’s insane! I haven’t seen any sign of blight yet and no blossom end rot at all. I think we’ll get some this year!


I had to cut down a 15-20ft ornamental pear tree that was planted within 2 feet of the house. The previous owners were assured that it would only get “so big”, whatever that means. It was starting to hit the electrical wires connecting to our house and I don’t want it to damage the foundation, so I cut it down. Now I’ve turned it into a bunch of stakes for my garden, which is working perfectly.


These sugar pumpkins are exploding right now.


The peach trees are doing, by far, the best. They look wonderful. I can’t wait to get a couple more in to keep them company.

We’re heading out today to check out a local dairy. They sell milk shares, so I’ll finally have access to raw milk for cheese! I might even drink a bit if the place looks really nice and clean. I’ve heard it helps with eczema and I would love to lessen mine a bit, it can be pretty painful at times. They also sell shares for pigs, turkeys and beef as well. I’ll definitely be looking into those in the future.

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10 Comments Add yours

  1. dreamfarming says:

    That compost bin looks great. Very Farmy! We have ornamental pears in our front yard. They are huge and messy. They drop tiny, inedible, berry sized pears all over the driveway.

    1. Ours had yet to start fruiting, but it had to go. It’s worthless as a tree and it was threatening our house. It’s useful now though!!

  2. Yep, cucumber plants do get big. What variety?

      1. I’ve been growing Marketmore which is a all purpose variety. The season is too short here but the vines do get about five feet.

      2. I was really surprised with these! I have never had them this big, but they are going crazy! We’ve picked over 40 pickles in the past 4 days.

      3. My cukes began flowering yesterday and I’m hoping to make a few batches of pickles this year. I made a huge number of jars a few years back, sold some at the farm market. I’m still eating pickles and relish from that summer but it’s probably time to make new pickles.

      4. Lol, I’m gonna get them started tomorrow I think. I forgot to grab some pickling salt, so I need to get that and get to it.

      5. You should try pickling green tomatoes. I made a few jars using dill pickling spices and they’re pretty good.

        It’ll be two weeks before there are any decent cukes here so there’s still time to plan.

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