Chicken Coop Plans—HELP

UPDATE: We’re building one. I just looked around, we can, in no way, afford a decent chicken coop kit. We’ll have to build it.

Hey everyone!

Well, I’m here to ask you a favor. I was wondering if any of you had access to some decent chicken coop plans?

Things to keep in mind:

1. We are very poor, lol.
2. I’m thinking about getting 4-6 chickens.
3. I would like a coop I can semi-stand up in so it’s easier to clean.
4. Justin and I are not carpenters or even amatuer builders. We have almost zero building experience, but I can follow instructions. I just can’t do A-frames or anything like that because I’m terrible at geometry.

With all that being said, if you know of a place (in the USA of course) that sells decent chicken coops already made, that’s not a bad idea either. We do live in Michigan, so a solid coop is a must, the winters here can be brutal. Please let me know if you have any ideas! Thanks everyone!

I would like to get the chickens this coming spring if all goes well, we really need to get them going, especially with this whole avian flu problem, egg prices are getting ridiculous and the egg section at the store is more and more empty every time I go.

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  1. keithbawden says:

    Try using wooden pallets. They are generally free and provide sturdy wood which is durable. Happy to fly over and build you one. Need a holiday

    1. We can actually get pallets really cheap here, a place down the road sells them for $1, so that is a possibility.

  2. keithbawden says:

    Try using wooden pallets. They are free usually and a great source of wood.

  3. I gave my flock (which was much larger last year before the racoons) four square feet of open floor space per chicken. They also have a huge yard to run around in during the day. My coop probably cost more that a pallet wood one but it was a matter of convenience and time for me. I used plywood (floor and walls), 2×4’s, 2×6’s, clear fiberglass panels, and sheet metal. The whole thing is on cement blocks to keep the coop from getting soggy when it rains.

    1. AH! Sheet metal roof is a great idea. Did you metal the sides as well? I will definitely have the coop up on blocks.

      1. I just use plywood for the walls and floors. I painted the outside of the walls with a wood stain on the outside. The floors were painted on both sides with a wood sealer. The sheet metal and some fiberglass panels are attached directly to the rafters using metal screws (these have rubber gaskets to keep out water. So far, so good).

        I’put hardware cloth around the bottom of the coop for two reasons:
        1) to keep predators from hiding there
        2) to keep the chickens from laying eggs there.

        Tools I used are a circular saw, a rechargeable drill with options for drill bits and screwdriver heads, tape measure (of course), level, square (need that to cut straight lines). Surprisingly the building came out looking good and is off by only a half inch but that doesn’t affect its stability. There might be so pictures on my blog but they don’t show much but there’s enough to get the general idea. If you’re interested search under “chickens”.

      2. I will check it out! Thanks so much for the info!

  4. I should add I’m not a carpenter either but this was simple to build.

  5. dreamfarming says:

    I think I remember seeing something about building a coop at the old world garden farms. I don’t know if they have plans posted but maybe they could help you out.

    1. Thanks! I’ll check it out!

  6. Hello there Ben. My husband and I keep 3 bantam hens and 1 rooster. We found a free coop by reaching out to our local HS FFA. The students generally have to build a coop as part of their assignment. Once they show their animals many of them sell or donate the livestock; so they don’t have a need for the coops anymore. I have gotten rabbit and hutches this way too. Seems this would fit in your budget. Please check out our hens at Good luck. I hope this helps. -Eleanor

    1. Thanks! I will do that!

  7. flatlinedgamer says: is your best friend. There are a ton of easy plans and everyone is helpful. Just stay away from the Facebook group.

    1. I actually just found a great plan over there I think I’m going to use!

      1. flatlinedgamer says:

        I’m glad to to hear it!

  8. Check Craigslist under free or chicken coop…sometimes your local community will have a FB Group for Livestock/Farming- all these are great sources for used or recyclable materials! Sometimes I have even seen used chicken coops…the seller is moving or whatever…

  9. Hi Guys! I see your “likes” from time to time and as always I appreciate them. With our first coop we repurposed, found and was given quite a lot of materials. This really helped us. We actually found two large pieces of exterior siding on the side of the road. This was the foundation of our first coop. We also reached out to our Facebook friends and asked for any materials they might have in hand and we received roofing material, gates and plywood. Every little bit helped. Manifest and it will happen!!

    1. That’s a great idea! I didn’t think to ask people on FB. I know we can get the pallets for ours really cheap ($1 a pallet), but the siding and roofing were going to be expensive. Thanks for the idea!

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