Garden Update 7-17-15

Not gonna talk much in this one, I’ll just let ya know what’s going on in the photos.15803_10207460401576961_1287670451933246461_n

The peas are coming along well in the drainfield. I’m going to start putting up strings soon for them.11044494_10207460401856968_3511225341225517323_n

The little wildflower garden is looking good!


The calendula is blooming!


Lots and lots of tomatoes on!


More of the wildflower garden.


The corn is approaching waist height.


Borage is blooming like crazy!


These are some currants (?) that I dug up at my dad’s house. I saw they looked just like my gooseberries, so I brought them home. Are they red currants like I thought??


My rose bush is doing great.


The cucumbers are taking over our yard.


Banana peppers are the first to come on strong!


The sugar pumpkins are growing at a pretty intense rate now!


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7 Comments Add yours

  1. Grower says:

    Yes, I think your currants are gooseberries. Things look good!

  2. missyrogers says:

    Lovely garden, Ben! Nice blog too! I was enjoying your lemon poppyseed bread tonight and thought I might google Baker Ben to see if you had a website. I’m pleased to see you make cakes! I’d like to hear more about that the next time we’re at the Farmer’s Market together.

    1. Alright, no problem!

  3. Monika says:

    Your currants are most probably red gooseberries, very common in europe.
    Use like normal gooseberries, just check if they need less sugar as they usually are a tiny bit sweeter than the green ones.

    1. I didn’t know red gooseberries existed. I dug them up in my dad’s backyard, but there are also some yellow raspberries in his backyard that are definitely not naturally occurring. The gooseberries are REALLY seedy.

  4. Dude, your garden looks awesome! I love the rambling plants (not much of a ‘neat and tidy’ gardener myself – I like to let things ‘do their thing’) … it’s just so hard out here in CA with the severe drought. My plants are growing, but not so quickly … I just love the look of your garden space!

    1. Thanks! I’ve got a ton of weeds, but at this point, I don’t think they are doing anything to the veggie plants. I do like the “wild” look.

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