How To Use Vinegar To Kill Weeds – A More Natural Approach

I use this myself! It really works!

Old World Garden Farms

In our garden and planting rows, weeds have never been much of problem utilizing heavy applications of mulch, cover crops in the off-season, and a simple 5 to 10 minute-a-day approach to weed maintenance during the growing season.  See: Growing Simple With Raised Rows

The vinegar solution works great for a natural way to control weeds in our stone paths like the ones around our fire pit The vinegar solution works well to control weeds in our stone paths – like the ones around our fire pit

However, when it comes to maintaining our driveway, stone walkways, paths, and brick patios around our property, a thick coat of mulch and a planting of cover crops doesn’t quite give us the look we are shooting for when it comes to beautification.

For us, the answer to keep these areas free of weeds has been a simple natural weed killer solution using vinegar as the main ingredient.  It has not only proven to be effective – but so much safer than ever having to use a single drop of a commercial…

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  1. Grower says:

    There has been much discussion about this type of recipe on the Garden Professors group on Facebook and even in their blog, I believe.

  2. I’m going to give this a try tomorrow using the food grade vinegar on a patch of nasty weeds. Even if it is not 100% effective the fewer weeds going to seed the better. I just spent 3 hours pulling weeds this week in my onion rows. My currants are full of weeds that sprouted on and through the mulch so that is where i am going to try this.

    1. Just be careful. Like they said, this will kill any plant, not just weeds.

      1. I was as careful as possible but did hit some leaves on one shrub. I think it will recover. The other plants, the weeds, began to curl a little bit right after application. Also, I could smell something like they were cooking. It’s been about an hour since I sprayed and the weeds’ leaves are curling and looking dull green.

      2. Ours were brown by the end of the day and have remained that way, it’s best to do it on a really hot day.

      3. Got up to 84 yesterday but there was some rain last night. I’m hoping the vinegar spray will set them back enough so that when I add more mulch they can’t recover. If it doesn’t rain tomorrow I will make a second application. I noticed I missed some weeds so maybe adding food coloring will let me know where I’ve sprayed.

        In the future I’m going to try this on smaller, newer weed seedlings as i think the larger weeds are too tough to kill with one spray. But it certainly did kill all their flowers so fewer seeds will be produced!

  3. nuge67 says:

    We have been doing this for a few years now. It works great

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