Garden Update 7/3/15

Hey Everyone!!

Alright, here’s a garden update, finally! I’ve been so busy with the farmer’s market and all this rain…I know I keep saying I’m busy, but I really am. I promise it’s not just an excuse!

Anyway, here’s what all that rain did for us!


Sweet Corn is looking good. We’re approaching knee high, but not quite there yet.


Sugar pumpkins are by far the biggest squash I have so far.


The borage is coming along nicely. It’s growing pretty exponentially now.


As you can see, the peas, corn and leeks are doing very well. I imagine we’ll have peas in a couple of weeks or so.


The peppers are finally starting to flower. They are putting on a ton of leaves too.


My first tiny head of broccoli.


I have some roma, beefsteak and yellow pear tomatoes on, all of them tiny, but that’s not what matters! Yay Tomatoes!


The potatoes are all about to flower and are getting bigger, noticeably, every day.


The cucumbers and mung beans are coming along. I’m getting excited for fresh cucumbers!


As you can see, the herb bed is super packed! I thought the plants would stay smaller, I guess I’ll have to expand it out next year so everyone can have enough room!


My onion bulbs are starting to swell, so that’s a good sign. I was worried some of them would just stay tiny and never do anything.


More onions and my baby bush beans. Someone already came along and munched one of them, I’m sure I’ll lose a few more before this is all said and done with.


Our sargent crabapples are the two best growing trees out of the entire 20 we got free. I think out of the 20, only about 12 are actually growing. That’s not bad though considering our delivery guy left them on the front porch without knocking, so they sat in the hot sun all day in a plastic bag.


The kale and broccoli patch is so dense you can’t even get a hand in there. I’m going to be selling off some of the kale and maybe some broccoli greens this weekend.


The sunflower hut is knee high in some places and past waist high in others. I have no idea why it is varying so much, but it’s fun to watch! We only lost a few to the deer, so we should have a pretty good hut by the time we’re done!

Well, look at all that! It’s a lot bigger than the last time I posted! We’re trying desperately to keep up with the stupid thing, but I’m really enjoying it anyway! We also got 6 palettes in, so we’ll be building a double-bin compost pile with those. I didn’t get any pictures of the squash out in the Savannah, but they are all doing fine now that it’s dried out a bit. Some of them did die from overwatering (too much rain), but they are all recovering nicely now and it’s projected to be hot and dry for the at least the weekend here.

I hope everyone else is enjoying their summer (winter for you southern hemisphere folks)!

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7 Comments Add yours

  1. Ray Dawson says:

    Looks like everything is off to a great start. Rain can be a pain when it happens but is great in the long run. Thanks for posting.

  2. bluewolf50 says:

    Everything looks wonderful…congratulations!

  3. atkokosplace says:

    Great work. I can see you’ve been busy! Any tips for keeping pest/bugs off plants? 🙂

    1. Right now we’re just letting them eat and I don’t have any major problems yet. At this stage, since it’s our first year, I’m hoping the bug population will go up, which will attract bug predators into our area. I also plan on putting up bat boxes later in the season. I’m an advocate for letting nature sort itself out. I also try to plant extra so that everyone gets their fair share. I can’t till 1000sqft of the insect/animal populations food and not expect some backlash.

  4. Grower says:

    It is exciting, isn’t it! Here’s to a bountiful harvest!

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