We had a tornado, but we’re okay

So, I totally forgot to mention that on Monday, a tornado touched down in Portland, MI, roughly 4-5 miles from our house.

If you want to see what happened, you can look at it here–> http://videowall.accuweather.com/detail/videos/trending-now/video/4320930174001/ef-1-tornado-blasts-through-michigan-damages-several-buildings?autoStart=true

No one was seriously injured and there were no deaths, but we had ZERO warning of it. There was no rotation on radar, no sirens, no warnings, it just blasted through downtown and tore a bunch of buildings up while collapsing the goodwill. It’s pretty amazing that there is farm for 5-10 miles on every side of the town, but the tornado went right through the center of it, literally. We didn’t even look twice out the window, we just saw heavy rain and said “who cares?”. We didn’t even lose a dead limb off a tree or anything.

Apparently there were 4 tornadoes in Michigan on Monday, that’s half our allotted tornadoes a year, so we shouldn’t have too many more (I hope).

Hope you are enjoying your weekend! If this rain ever lets up I will get some pictures and get to weeding, it’s a forest here with all these stupid weeds!

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  1. Jonnie says:

    I’m glad you are ok. Grew up in Arkansas, had tornadoes every year, but never heard of one that small. I hope your luck remains the same with any that follow. Storms always put me to sleep, as does rain. I think it’s a throw back to being raised on a farm. Because my family did, I did too, and my children, and theirs do it. Even though they lived in the city all of their lives.

    1. Storms put me to sleep as well, so if there was one coming, I would probably just nod off. Usually we don’t have to worry about tornadoes in Michigan, they are so rare. It was a little unsettling to have one so close.

      1. Jonnie says:

        We always had two free a year. I’m glad I had moved before they came so much bigger. The ones we had were destructive enough. Hope you never get any that big. How did your garden do?

      2. The garden is totally fine. We didn’t even lose a branch on the property. Everything was just happy to get some rain.

  2. Weather can be strange. I live in MN and this past winter no blizzard or heavy snows, not in my county anyway. Now it’s summer and so far no “head for the root cellar” thunderstorms.

    1. The weather has been sort of shifty the past year hasn’t it? Not to be trusted at all.

      1. It seems that for several years the weather has been going back and forth. Either to wet, then too dry, too hot, then too cold. We were in a mild drought since last fall until earlier this month. Now the rains are back and coming with warm weather (for us that’s 70-65 degrees).

      2. We’re flooding everywhere over here. We keep getting significant rain every couple of days. We’ve had pretty decent floods for the past 3-4 years it seems.

      3. I went outside about 90 minutes ago to take some photos of my bean and tomato plants and got caught in a downpour. A half inch of rain in that short time. Hid in an open shed waiting it out.

        How much rain have you had so far? Is it coming down in short heavy bursts? For us that is not how it used to be but in last 10-15 years it is typical.

      4. We’re just getting a constant drizzle for 4-8 hours every few days with clouds in between. We haven’t had any hot weather, not a lot of sun, so everything is just damp. I’m starting to get worried I’ll have to contend with early blight and mildew here soon. Today was very bright and sunny though, so everything is nice and dry on top.

      5. That doesn’t sound good. Maybe the warm weather we’re having will begin to move east your way. I’ve had blight here before. I finally began planting my tomatoes at a spacing of 4 feet and that helped. This year I’m planting a single long row and trellising the vines to see if that will also work. Saw that three of my plants have tomatoes now. That’s earliest ever.

        The rain has stopped here for now but more is predicted overnight and tomorrow. Even with all this rain the sump pump is not running because the groundwater levels are still low.

      6. We’ve got some tomatoes on as well, although they are still small. I’ve been trimming all the leaves off on the first foot of the plant, I mulched them heavily and I’m trellising them. I’m doing everything I can to avoid blight. If we have bad blight this year (we did last year) and I somehow avoid it, I’ll have a new cash crop for the farmer’s market.

      7. I accidentally introduced a blight-like fungus to my tomatoes one year when I used cacao hulls for mulch. I still got a good crop but only because i planted so much.

        Happy gardening!

  3. gaiainaction says:

    Glad you guys are ok.

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