We are so busy….ugh

Hey Everyone!

Sorry I abandoned you for like a week…I can’t believe it just totally slipped my mind to post on here.

I had my first farmer’s market venture this past Saturday, I will write that post for tomorrow!

Let’s talk about the garden.


Alright! So the peas are coming up a mile a minute it seems like. I forgot how fast they grow. You can also see the extra row of sweet corn is looking great! There are leeks at the top of the peas that just got transplanted in this last week.


The herb patch is still small, but the Sage, oregano and thyme are really starting to catch on, so they should be getting a lot bigger soon!


This peach tree is in hyperdrive. We only just put these in and it’s trying to sprout a new branch anywhere it can. I’m happy to see it! I can’t wait for peaches!


Not a pretty tomato patch, but they are growing well! The peppers and basil are really starting to catch on as well. I’m hoping for a big crop of all of them!


The sunflower hut looks great! Still a little short and in need of some thinning, but I think it will be a success!


The cabbages are by far the biggest thing I have. They are looking great! I can’t wait to start using some of them! I’m going to have to make eggrolls for a month!


I was really worried about the potatoes when I put them in. The purple potatoes were starting to rot, so I didn’t know if they would survive, but surprise! They were the first ones up and the biggest so far! I can’t wait to try them out once they are done growing!


The apples and pears are doing their best as well! The peaches are definitely growing faster though!


I’m so glad we love broccoli and the bunny loves kale….we have a TON of it. I may have to start taking some to the farmer’s market to get rid of it!


The leeks were transplanted in last week. They seem to be doing well. They haven’t flopped or anything, so I think they will make it!


The beets are really starting to grow now. I’m thinking I may have to thin the little patches out a bit. I wish they had grown a little less sporadically, but oh well. At least we are getting some!


The sweet corn patch is not the prettiest patch either, but it’s functioning very well! I’m happy to say that we will have a TON of sweet corn! I dread the day when it all comes in at the same time. I will probably thin it out a bit in places since it got a little congested.

So, as you can see, the garden is going wonderfully! I have a little bit of weeding and thinning to do, but so far it hasn’t been bad at all! I’m glad that we got most of the grass out, but I will have to start smothering some strips that survived. Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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  1. I like the potatoes. When you plant potatoes. You’ll always have some there. You can never harvest all the spuds. The ones left will sprout next year.

    1. That’s fine with me!

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