Busy, Crazy Day

Hey Everyone,

Well, today has been an insanely long and busy day. This morning we slept in (for the first time since we moved here) until 10am (wooh!). We promptly got dressed and headed out of here to meet my Dad and sister at the cemetery where my mom is buried. Yesterday was the 4 year anniversary of her death, but since we were all busy yesterday, we decided to plant flowers on the grave today.


We got all the stones washed up and planted (4 stones all together). My Mom, her sister Connie, and my Grandma Charlene are all buried there with spaces reserved for my Grandpa and his second wife, Sonja. We come every year and wash them all, put in flowers and do the caretaking for them. It’s pretty basic stuff. Then, once we’re done, we all push a penny into one of the graves and make a wish (a family tradition, don’t ask how it started). Needless to say, there are probably hundreds of pennies in this photo alone. Mom told all of her friends about it and I think they put them in as well when they visit. I know while I was planting flowers I turned up quite a few.

After we got done there we went to lunch with my Dad and sister. We spent two hours there chatting and came to the decision that my leaving the grocery store I got a job at is a good idea. We also decided that going for the farmers market thing (baking bread and goodies) was a good idea. So, starting in June, I will be baking for the farmers market twice at week. I’m going to fill out my application and mail it in tomorrow.

I’m trying to come up with a good recipe list, if you know of a good “would always sell” recipe and you want to share it, let me know! I’ll try it out before we start and see if it will work!

After all that, we went to Lansing on the way home and stopped at Sam’s club where I bought 2lbs of yeast, 25lbs of salt and 50lbs of bread flour. Then we grocery shopped. I’m happy to report that our freezer is at least half full now, it’s a good feeling.


Then we came home to catch up on this lawn. 1.5 acres of grass with a week of rain equals jungle. So much so that our mulch bag is not functioning on our mower, so we’ve had to rake all the grass and pile it up. Great for compost, not great for the body. It’s actually not too bad, it just feels like an uphill battle. I also planted a good majority of my herbs. I still have a lot of garden work to do.

Then, as you can see above, I made dinner. We ate a roasted pork loin with chopsticks just to switch it up.

Hope you are having a great weekend! Let me know about those recipes!

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  1. Jonnie says:

    I have several recipes. Here are 2 of the easiest, and best tasting cookies, you will ever make. 1st is a no bake cookie. 1/4c, of butter, 1/4c of bakers cocoa( the darker the better), 1c of sugar, 1c of peanut butter, and 1tsp. Of vanilla. Melt the butter, sugar, and peanut butter together, add the vanilla, then the cocoa. Stirring constantly so that it won’t burn. When it is well blended, pour over 3c, of instant oatmeal. Mix thoroughly, and quickly, then drop spoonfuls onto wax paper, parchment paper, or a buttered cookie sheet. let set, and you are done. 2nd, is only four ingredients. 1c, of sugar, 1c of peanut butter, and 1egg. Mix well put on cookie sheet, and bake at 350, for seven minutes, or until done. Sometimes it cooks faster, depending on where you live. The flourless cookies taste really, really good. I also have several bread cookbooks, let me know the recipes you want, and I’ll find them, and send you the recipes. Good luck, for your future business success.

    1. I’ll definitely try them out! thank you!

    2. You said four ingredients for the flourless cookies but only listed 3….what’s the other one?

  2. The flourless peanut butter cookies are only 3 ingredients (I make those ones too! They’re pretty tasty.)

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