Ugh! This RAIN!

It just rains every damn day I swear. I’ve got the one bed planted with greens and such, but I  was only able to get through 1/3 of another and then 2/3 of the sunflower hut….ugh. We can’t hardly cut the grass it’s so wet either. It’s a big soupy mess here.

Sorry for the lack of posting, there has just been zero things going on right now. I’ve been trying to get things in the ground, but it just seems like it’s soaked here constantly. I will get it done, I just don’t know when now.

The new job went well this week, but I’m starting to have second thoughts about it. It’s an easy job (stocking isn’t that hard), but I work in the produce section and I’m getting pretty grossed out. There are zero sanitary practices and we handle and cut raw foods all the time….there is corrosion and mold growing in the coolers out in the store. Basically the theme is “you can clean it if you want to”. The manager is a nice guy, but he has given me zero training and he doesn’t like to do certain things, so those things get left to workers who have never been taught to do them and who ignore them.

So I’m caught in a dilemma. Now I know if I were to say anything to management or report them to a health department, I would lose my job. But, if I look for a new job somewhere else and voluntarily quit, everyone will tell me I’m being and irresponsible little shit, as usual. Chances are, if the store finds out I posted this (I have not mentioned a name or location for them), they will fire me. I’m currently searching for another job as I type this, hopefully I can find one close by, whatever it may be. I don’t care how the store chooses to run their facility, that’s not my problem, but I do not feel comfortable selling people raw food (that can be consumed raw) that has sat in dirty garbage bins, been cut in unsanitary conditions, or been exposed to mold that is only cleaned up once a year. Now that I think about it, I can’t go to the store owners/managers because they don’t believe in “throwing away profits” as I’ve been told.

Any ideas? We really can’t afford for me NOT to have a job, but I’m not going to be a part of making people sick. I also don’t want to get fired for trying to clean the place up (which I will). The place already cut everyone off full time to avoid paying into the health insurance fund, I know they won’t hesitate to get rid of some kid who just started.

Justin seems to agree with me on this.

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  1. rivenfae says:

    actually I agree too, tech the place should be shut down if it’s as bad as you are saying. I do recall the health codes in WI (lived there 7 yrs ago). Or at the least the store will be wooped with a hefty fine.

    1. I don’t want them to get in trouble, but I just don’t feel comfortable being a part of it.

  2. Jonnie says:

    You need to set up a meeting, with the owner, manager, and yourself. Begin with what you have seen, state your worries about this, and suggest a cheap, natural, food safe cleanser. Suggest a deep cleaning, to be rid of the problem, and a cleaning schedule, to prevent it from becoming that bad again. You can also point out, that if it is that bad in your area, that it is probably just as bad in other parts of the store as well. Let them know you are trying to protect, the store’s reputation, and your job. The deep cleaning is necessary, and should be done after hours, but the daily cleaning is also necessary, to prevent it from becoming that bad again. There are books galore, that have recipes for natural, non-toxic, food safe , cleaning products. I bet the customers notice, and are voicing their appreciation, to the manager, owner, and other people as well. It would be a boon to the store’s owner, as it will bring in more customers.

    1. That’s a good idea. I’ve just heard they don’t take well to that sort of thing, no matter what the benefits.

  3. Try being the change that you want to see in others. Set an example and lead in with “I love shopping here and feeding my family from here” I simply want the best just like any customer. Start with small changes. Vinegar plus peroxide is a food friendly cleaner and disinfects well.

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