Got a Job Today

Hey Everyone,

Well, today was a pretty good day. I’ll update on the garden tomorrow, but we did plant up one bed.

I went in this morning for an interview at the local grocery store and landed a super part time job at the produce clerk. I’m gonna get around 10 hours a week, which is fine with me. At this point, with the garden and new house, I don’t want any more than that.

As happy as I am to be able to pay my own bills now, getting the job has made me a little grumpy. I was going to do the baking for the farmer’s market, but I’ve decided to forgo that for a “real” job. I’m not sure if it finally got to me or what, but I was getting really tired of everyone telling me that I needed to grow up and get a real job, either to my face or behind my back. Now I’ve got one and I’m glad I have it, it’s something I won’t mind doing, but it’s also taking away from what I love. If you don’t live your life to do the things you love and you live to just make money and die, what’s the point? I don’t really care about what’s “responsible” because I don’t believe making money at a day job is more “responsible” than making money with an at home job.

Anyway, I’m not sure. I’m just tired of all the BS about what’s responsible and right. As if anyone had any idea what’s “good” for me.

See….super grumpy.

Anyway, I’ll update tomorrow on the newly planted bed and hopefully I can get this stupid rototiller to break through the sod. I’m having a really hard time with it.

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  1. butchcountry67 says:

    ah don’t let the people who tell you to grow up and get a real job get to you, there is no difference working at home and working outside the home, really the end result is the same… they both generate an income, I work part time outside the home, I’m 47 and a single Dad , the rest of the time I work from home doing what I like, that’s the whole point of life my young friend… doing what makes you happy and is rewarding to you. Others probably won’t share your dream and will ridicule you for it, but remember it is YOUR dreams, YOUR happiness , YOUR life , do what makes you happy and fulfills that dream and pay no mind to those that try to take your dreams away. and for the record… owning your own home at your age is pretty dang responsible in my eyes! how many folks that annoy you with get a real job and try to stamp out your dreams can say the same? not all of them if any I’d bet! hang in there, relax, do what you do , and be happy đŸ™‚

  2. Jonnie says:

    Dear one, I’m happy about your job, if you are. If you are not thrilled with it, and would prefer baking for the farmers market, then bake your heart out. Well meaning people who are not living your life, can’t know what’s best for you. You have to live your life, the best way you can. Sure you want to add money to pay your share of the bills, but you want to be happy doing it, and who knows, your baking could begin a huge money making business, and because you’ll love what you do, it will be and added pleasure to your days. It won’t seem like work, but you know it will be. Keep your job, until you know longer need it, but use the money to aid in getting supplies for your baking venture, as well as help with the bills. It can be something to fall back on if you decide baking takes up too much time, and effort for your lifestyle. Just think how all of the nay Sayers will feel, when you become a raging success, making more than they ever thought possible. Your smart advisors will realize they know nothing about your capabilities. Yet tried to tell you what you should do. Sounds kind of dumb to me. Spread your wings and fly higher than everyone else. Do not give up your dreams, or you will always regret not trying, and wonder what if…

    1. Thank you. I hope I will be able to find a way to make it all work out.

      1. Jonnie says:

        I believe you will do it your way, and be a success at doing what you love.

  3. Being able to pay bills is good! The first two comments have summed up my thoughts on “real jobs” so I’ll just let that stand. Drudgery does not a “real” job make. I’ve never heard of someone doing what they love (even for less) and regretting it.

    But a part time job like this can have its own unexpected joys. I’ve spent a lot of years in minimum wage sandwich shops, and met some wonderful people that way (and gotten a few good stories). It’s a different kind of adventure. And you are using this job to support your passion, and that is good too!

    Also, I suspect that people who think that selling at the farmer’s market isn’t a “real job” haven’t given much thought to what that would actually entail. Selling stuff in a shop for someone else is a real job but that isn’t? Weird. I’d think it would be more work. Heaven forbid you enjoy it. (Sorry, guess I couldn’t drop the “real job” thing)

    1. Thank you. I know what you mean though, this “real job” notion is very annoying.

  4. You are right “on the money” about making money to do the things you love! Don’t let others influence you and follow your heart!

  5. Grower says:

    People who tell others to be responsible or get a real job are often unhappy and even bitter in their own. Be mindful of how you spend your time and you’ll find a balance between what you might need to do to support the things you want to do. More importantly, has anyone else called dibs on the produce waste? Compost!

    1. I actually might ask them about keeping random things if they are useful! It would be great!

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