Clear to Close Tuesday

Well, now that Justin and I have practically gone into cardiac arrest for 2 weeks, we are finally clear to close on Tuesday, April 28th. We ACTUALLY have the clear to close this time, not just a promise, so we should be able to do it.

Our plans have significantly changed by now. We are most likely going to have to rent a storage unit for our things and I’ll probably have to spend some time at Dad’s house. We’ll figure out something for Justin if need be. We’re hoping the sellers will want to get out quickly since the whole timeline has been thrown off, but we have legally given them 14 days. We will honor that if they need it.

Yesterday, after everything kept going wrong over and over again, I lodged a complaint with the mortgage company. Turns out that was a mistake. Either way, it doesn’t matter how unprofessional they were, the loan got pushed through, that’s all I care about. Although I was unhappy that they also yelled at our Buying Agent, he had nothing to do with the complaint and there was no reason for him to get in trouble.

So, we will finally be moving. We tried to get an extension with the apartment, but they sold our apartment already, so we have to be out by May 2nd. Hopefully we can get into our house as soon as possible.

As for the garden, the plants should make it until then without too many problems. I’ll order the trees the day before the deadline and hope they take a moment to ship out. The only major concern I have is moving our cat into Dad’s house, with another cat. I don’t want them to start fighting. We would also have to move the bunny into dad’s house and I didn’t want to do that either. With my sister moving home the same weekend, it’s going to get really crowded, really fast. Hopefully I won’t have to spend more than a couple of days there. I don’t mind being there, but 4 people, 2 cats, a rabbit and 2 homes worth of stuff doesn’t really make for a comfortable environment.

Wish us luck. I’ll try to keep posting, but it may get a little irregular in the next week or so.



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  1. Glad to hear they got it straightened out for you finally! Best of luck with the move!

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