Sunday on the Homefront—Martyrdom at the Mortgage Company

Well, we’re still moving forward, that’s good news, no hiccups again yet.

However, I just thought I would share. The mortgage people are being ridiculous. They are all like “We’ve been working around the clock to finish your loan and we had to swim through shark infested waters with sirloin tips tied to our ankles to get the paperwork to the underwriter, but we did it! You’re welcome.”

First off, this entire mess is entirely your fault. So if you have to work around the clock to fix it, not my problem. Secondly, none of you work for the first hour or two of the day, or the last hour or two of the day, I have the emails to prove it. Thirdly, you are not a martyr. It’s your job to get this loan done and if you want to get paid you’ll do it. You are the lucky one that we decided to keep on with you because we had practically no other choice. You had TWO months to get the loan together and we responded to all your emails and paper inquiries immediately. That’s twice the normal time to close, you’re slow.

There, now that I got that out of my system, some good news.

Somehow we came up with more money than we needed, at least enough extra to move in without being TOTALLY broke. So we are still going to be able to get our fruit trees, our garden tools and a lawn mower. We have also been able to start replacing minor things in the house. I have a pan set my Dad gave me in college and we finally threw out the frying pans. They had gotten to the point where we couldn’t wash them without having to bend them back into shape and they liked to burn everything because they had gotten so thin. I found a really great deal on porcelain enamel Paula Deen cookware, so I replaced the frying pans. Next we’ll replace the sauce pans, but not until after we close on the house. We’re just finding little things here and there that need to be updated. We don’t have money for big updates like furniture and things, so we’re making things a bit more comfortable in smaller ways. I also got my first cast iron skillet (also on sale!). I can’t wait to start using it at the new place! Nothing like some new cookware to brighten up the world!

We also packed the majority of our books this weekend. We donated probably 50+ books to the local library. Justin and I have a terrible habit with buying books. My interests have shifted from novels to how-to and textbooks on permaculture and self sufficiency, but now the books are just more expensive. Oh well, nothing wrong with gaining some knowledge I guess.

Nothing else major going on. Our buyers agent is really reaming on the mortgage company to close Tuesday, although Wednesday will be the absolute latest we can due to our offer terms. Here’s hoping this all happens. I won’t ask for smoothly, I know better, we just want it to happen.

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8 Comments Add yours

  1. butchcountry67 says:

    That is good news!! I am so happy for the both of you, hey don’t forget to season your new cast iron skillet before using it , just google how to do it properly, or ask your Dad , he might just know 🙂

    1. Don’t worry, we won’t forget!

  2. rivenfae says:

    good place for cast iron.. YARD SALES and THRIFT SHOPS. We’ve gotten some great pieces there. Like Silver’s favorite that has a wooden handle on it (looks original). The only thing I don’t cook in cast is fried eggs (they always stick for me in cast). Craigs list is also a good place for buying cast from as well.

    1. Some of the thrift shops in Ann Arbor (because thrift shops are “in” right now) are more expensive than buying it new, but I have been looking.

      1. Yes, I bought some casserole dishes from a flea market and a week later found new ones in a supermarket for the same price. It pays to be careful.

  3. I’m glad things are moving forward for you!

    (And we are also near Ann Arbor. Hello, neighbor!)

  4. jackie says:

    I’m also closing a mshda mortgage soon. I was told the lender approved me and I’m waiting on mshda. However, now I have to send in my bank statements Friday due to insufficient funds bc of when they asked for the documents. She said I should be fine. But my purchase agreement was set for May 7th, so I’m kind of bummed. How long did it take for mshda to get back with their approval?? Thanks!

    1. We actually failed MSHDA approval because our township does not have zoning laws (it’s totally rural) and MSHDA requires zoning laws that don’t allow us to split up our property. We had to come up with the down payment and closing costs in order to close on our house.

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