As predicted, the state F***ed everything up and now we need paperwork for our house. But here’s the catch, they had 2 months to get this paperwork, but they waited until today when the ONLY person in the whole state who could write the letter, went on vacation for 2 weeks. Fantastic.

Here’s hoping this one person is a decent human being who will write a letter on vacation for us.

This is the reason why no one likes state workers, seriously.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. James Gielow says:

    Ahh crap. Sorry to hear. There’s always something isn’t there. Good luck!

  2. rivenfae says:

    Sorry to hear that but I have learned that the state worker -you- need is -always- on vacation, and they never seem to get back at a reasonable time. I hope everything comes out well for this.

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