Sunday on the Homefront—Answer Tomorrow

Hey Everyone!

On Monday, April 13th we will find out if we close on the house on April 14th, April 15th or at all for that matter. Our final papers are getting pushed through MSHDA and have already gone through the mortgage company. We’re so close to closing! We’re getting really nervous!

Hopefully we’ll close on the house, I’m sure it will go well. We don’t seem to have any major hang ups at all. The mortgage company has been extremely inefficient and annoying, but I hear that’s pretty normal (no offense mortgage people). It seems like we’ve had a lot of problems that could have been solved by a little bit of common sense, but it also seems like the mortgage people are not allowed to make any corrections at all. So we’ve had to do certain papers over and over again, but they are finally done and it’s all going through.

MSHDA is dragging their feet at the last minute. We have been working toward close for 2 months (which is double the typical time) and they still don’t have anything ready. So they are making us wait until the last minute to find out what day we close.

When we finally get the word we will head up to Dad’s house to get everything ready. I’ll probably be emptying a few storage tubs in his basement to bring home. We are a little short. We thought when we moved into this apartment that Grad School would be the best thing ever and we would stay here. Needless to say, things change and we have less storage tubs and no lids for them. Oh well though, we’ll be able to work it out.

I will give the good news on Monday when I can! Sorry for the lack of posts, we’ve been busy worrying and running around lately. Hopefully they will pick up once we close!

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  1. igoandgrow says:

    Best of luck. I have enjoyed reading your blog and I hope your purchase all goes through smoothly. We went through all our stress to buy our place last year, so I know how hard it can be. But it is so worth it after you have finished the process! I hope you will be as happy and productive in your new place as we have been so far in ours. Best wishes, Elizabeth

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