The Garden List 2015

Don’t judge me. I don’t consider this going crazy, yet.

Fruit Trees:
2x Golden Jubilee Peach
2x Bartlett Pear
2x Orient Pear
2x Damsom Plum
2x Red Jonathan Apple
2x Golden Delicious Apple

Landscaping Trees/Plants:
6x Fragrant Purple Lilac (Spring Blooms)
5x Pekin White Lilac (Fall Blooms)
2x Thornless Honeylocust
1x Witchhazel
16x Hybrid Poplar (from cuttings, planted in the fall as a windbreak)
1x Incense Bamboo (runner type, for the quick development of habitat)
50+ Moringa (strictly for compost use. I’ll grow them all summer and compost them in the fall for a soil boost)
There will be other free trees from the Arbor Day Foundation, but they will go in the garden to be babied for a year.

72x Lupine (nitrogen fixing, perennial through re-seeding)
72x Scarlett Sage
2x Boxes of Wildflower Mix (for the abandoned section)
1x 3g Bag of Prairie Wildflower Mix
2x Packets of Calendula
200+ Borage
1200+ Mammoth Greystripe Sunflowers (making a room outside)

Soft Fruits:
4x Anne Raspberry (golden)
2x Caroline Raspberry (red)
25x Fort Laramie Strawberry (everbearing)
25x Earliglow Strawberry (june bearing)

60x Sweet Basil
2x Pots of Chives
12x Cumin
12x Oregano
12x Sage
12x Thyme
50x Comfrey
6x Catnip (to be kept in pots)
6x Spearmint (to be kept in pots)
Dill (not sure of the number yet)

Perennial Vegetables:
150+ Egyptian Walking Onions (planted this spring)
100 Ramps (from seed, planted this fall)

Annual Vegetables:
160x Onions Red/White (not sure if I’ll plant all these)
40x Leeks
12x Anaheim Peppers
12x Banana Peppers
12x California Sweet Bell Peppers
12x Early Jalapeno Peppers
6x Arkansas Traveler Tomatoes
6x Beefsteak Tomatoes
6x Mortgage Lifter Tomatoes
12x Roma Tomatoes
30x Waltham 29 Broccoli
18x Aichi Cabbage (Asian Variety I prefer)
6x Cauliflower
18x Curled Scotch Kale
18x Lacinato Kale (Dinosaur Kale)
50x Mung Beans (go directly in the ground)
12x Cucumber
Patch of Lettuces and Spinach
4-8ft row of peas
400+ Country Gentlemen Shoepeg Corn
Row of Parsnips

Annual Vegetables Without Numbers:
Purple Majesty Potatoes
Red Potatoes
Sugar Pumpkin
Baby Sweet Watermelon
Black Beauty Zucchini
Golden Zucchini
Acorn Squash
Butternut Squash
Summer Squash

Now, breath. Before you go, “holy shit, what are you doing?”, let me say that at least 60% of the work for all this was just getting the seeds (for good prices) and getting them planted. Most of these things I got for a great deal and many of them will take little to no work to plant. All the “Without Numbers” section is going in the abandoned section of our land (except the potatoes and radishes). I just need a small mound for all of them and I’ll let them go. They take up too much space to be in a garden proper and they don’t need much care.

If you are as compulsive as I am about making lists and researching, you’ll know that most of the work is just in the planning. I can plant 80% of all these veggies in less than a day because they are numbered, labeled and already started. The big work will be in getting the ground ready and putting the trees in. I really don’t think this is that much. I’ve seen people work with a lot more than I have and do really well, so I’m not too worried.

The other thing I will point out is that 1.5 acres of our property has been left to overgrow for at least 5 years. I’m going to be cutting a 1/4-1/2 mile path in there and planting things along the path. Out there I will attempt to get a forest growing while making it provide food and compost for us at the same time. The bamboo and quick growing trees will go out there and I will start compost piles all along the path to bring this sad piece of dirt back to life. I want this garden to be wild and beautiful,  an experience, not a tightly controlled machine. If some plants get eaten or die, then oh well, we can still go to the store. I can almost guarantee in 5 years, I won’t be worrying about pest losses at all because there will be more food than we or the pests can eat and an entire ecosystem working to keep them in check.

Wish me luck, I’m gonna need it.

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P.S. I may have forgotten a couple plants here and there…I have so many! lol.


10 Comments Add yours

  1. rivenfae says:

    Well, I do wish you luck on this venture, I hope you aren’t getting in over your head though. Good idea on keeping the mints potted as they -will- take over. ..and if you get too much zucchini you can always dry it to use as zucchini breads in the winter.

    1. I’ll probably be freezing most of it for breads since we’ll be selling zucchini bread at the farmers market. I don’t think this will be too much.

  2. Good luck!

    I’ve been planning for a garden (for when we have land) and that is definitely the more worrying part for me. Once you have it all planned it’s just a matter of doing it and then dealing with things as they come.

    This sounds like it will make a glorious garden!

    1. Thank you! I hope so!

  3. jennyhud says:

    I love your garden plan! I’m a list maker too though. I do wish you lived closer, I love to share my great-grandmother’s comfrey plants with other gardeners. I hope you are able to plant swap/share with others. That’s how I am ending up with so many plants!

    1. I’ve had to start everything from seed, there is a complete lack of variety here in Michigan.

  4. Grower says:

    Yikes! Your garden must be huge! Good luck with it all. I’m guessing you’re going to be putting up some of the produce?

    1. Yeah. The plan is to eat all we can and then store the rest. We are also feeding our rabbit out of the garden. Quite a few of the trees/perennials won’t be productive the first couple of years, but they are going in now.

  5. VivianaAyre says:

    THis looks so amazing. Very jealous

    1. Hopefully it turns out as equally well.

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