15 Days Until Close

Hey Everyone,

Well, if I don’t include today (it’s half over anyway) we have 15 days until we close on our new homestead. I’m getting really jittery and nervous about the entire thing, but I’m really excited at the same time. We will won’t be moving in until around May 1st, unless, by some miracle, the sellers move out really fast, but I don’t know their plans yet. They have 14 days to leave after we close, so our tentative first day in the house is April 30th. Although we’ll probably be doing a lot of packing, traveling and unpacking from April 29th-May 1st. It’s going to be really busy.

As this date looms closer, I realize that I have to start buying things and making orders soon. We need to order in our fruit trees and get all our garden equipment, but I refuse to order it before close. I don’t want to jinx myself AND, more importantly, I don’t want to move all the stuff or risk it dying in our apartment. The cat already dumped one of my tubs of strawberries and I may have lost a couple plants because of it (She did it in the middle of the night and the roots were exposed). I also haven’t spent more than $200 at a time in a LONG time, years actually. So it’s a little hard to think that we’re going to spend upwards of $1500 for things we need for the house (trees, tools, a washer, clothesline, lawn mower), it all adds up fast. Unfortunately most of these things are necessities for people with a 3 acre yard who like to garden and do their own laundry. Thankfully we saved enough to be able to do this and still have rainy day money left.

As we draw closer I also realize that I have a TON of work to do in the garden and I’ll only have 14 days to do it or so. If the weather is good I’ll have to plant it as I dig it, but the trees are first priority when they arrive. After that all the beds have to be dug and I have to plant them all. Thankfully Justin said he would help me, but it’s still gonna be a big job. Even with two of us, removing 600sqft of sod is going to take a while. We’ve decided NOT to till (Dad, if you’re reading this, we don’t need the tiller) because the garden is not a square anymore, I’m planting it organically in a crazy pattern. We’ll figure it out, but it’s gonna be quite the job. I’m hoping it won’t take as terribly long as we think, although, it will probably take longer.

Well, here’s hoping we can figure it out and complete this massive project. I might have to enlist help if I can find any. It’s exciting, but it’s becoming more daunting than anything now.

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  1. butchcountry67 says:

    with 3 acres you might want to look through the used ads and invest in a used lawn tractor, they are very versatile and have many uses, you can hitch a trailer to them and haul things around, add a tiller a plow or snow blower, it can even pull logs out of the bush 1 or 2 at a time to cut and chop firewood etc. they are very handy to have around, after 2 or 3 months of pushing a lawn mower you will understand why a lawn/garden tractor is a good option.

    1. We’re actually leaving 1.5 acres of it wild (it’s already not been mowed for at least 5 years) so we only have 1.5 acres to mow and a big chunk of that will be garden. By the time we really mow, it will only be about 1-1.5 acres really, so it’s not too much. I thought about a tractor, but we can’t afford it and neither of us have experience with engines. We’re also trying to use as little petroleum based products as possible.

      1. butchcountry67 says:

        ah understandable, if you are striving for green energy and renewable energies then a petrol powered tractor really defeats the end goal, battery powered lawn mowers are a good option, my neighbour has one and it does a great job and lasts a decent amount of time on one charge.

  2. Mrs. Optimistic says:

    Hope it works out beautifully for you!

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