Sunday on the Homefront: Now we wait

Hey Everyone,

Sorry I didn’t get you a cheese post this week, I will get it to you soon.

Anyway, we got some good news this week. Our appraisal came through for the property. We are paying $96,300 for the place and it appraised at $97,000! That’s perfect for both parties involved! We are getting the house for less than it’s worth, which is preferable to the mortgage company and the sellers didn’t get ripped off and they didn’t have to lower their price which would have cost us the deal. So we have passed one of that last major hurdles in getting this house. The only thing left to do is go to the closing and move in. We have had absolutely no issues with the mortgage, so we should be pretty good to go at this point.

We also reserved a U-Haul for ourselves and we’re trying to find extra storage totes and things to move with. I don’t really want to go out and buy boxes. They are way to expensive to only use once and compost or use in the garden. I’m thinking, when we stop at Dad’s house to get the U-Haul, I will empty out a few of the totes I have in the basement with my junk in them and we’ll take those to move in. I think we’ve pretty much planned everything to the tiniest detail….not much else to do besides wait.


Also, good news! This 6x8ft greenhouse was my birthday present from Dad! It’s funny that Justin and I were talking about saving up for one on our way to dinner last night. When we got there, Dad pulled in with this kit in the back of his truck. Now I don’t have to take over the house with plants anymore! Dad has been spoiling us! In the past few years he’s gotten us a chest freezer, a food saver and now a greenhouse? We’re pretty excited. I can’t wait to get it all set up and use it this summer! I’ll probably grow a bunch of plants in there we don’t need of course. I might even dig a small bed on one side to grow things in, especially to extend our season in the fall.


Also wanted to share that I made another wheel of cheese, the one on the top. I put red pepper flakes in it (we’ll see how that goes), but Justin and I really enjoy pepperjack cheese, so I figured it couldn’t hurt to try. They are developing a rind right now and then I’ll vacuum pack them to age. I’ll call in the verdict in a month when we open one up for the first time and try it! Only time will tell.

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8 Comments Add yours

  1. Grower says:

    Your dad must be pretty awesome

  2. WoodRtist says:

    What a nice Dad. I love that little greenhouse you have there, it’s a perfect size, and your plants will love the heat and sunshine.
    Happy planting.

    1. Thanks! we cant wait to use it!

  3. Monika says:

    Awesome dad:)
    Can you get some banana shipping boxes at the green grocers? That’s what students use over here in Europe to minimize costs for moving. These things are sturdy and usually end up in the bin, so they are given away for free.
    The cheese looks good already, it will be great for a moving party with french bread and a good glass of red wine to lift the spirits up.

    1. For some reason, in the US. businesses won’t give anything away at all. They throw it away because they don’t want to be “liable” for what could happen. Apparently people have gotten paper cuts or something and sued places. It’s ridiculous. You can’t get anything unless you dumpster dive for it and most of the dumpsters have keycode locks on them.

  4. Love that greenhouse!!! Also liquor stores and grocery stores usually have boxes they will give you. I would stop and ask and start collecting them for your move.

    1. Thanks! We’ll check that out!

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