Getting Outside Finally.

Hey Everyone!

Well, the weather is finally staying decently nice and the sun has been out a lot. Thanks to that all the snow in the parks near us is melted and gone. And I’m done with classes, so I can get out of the house and go for a walk if I want to. It was almost 70 degrees yesterday, but today it was only 45. It was still nice enough to go out for a stroll though.

Walked by this big dead tree. I just found it interesting. I was scoping the woods for any sign of spring plants like ramps, but I did not find any. I didn’t think I really would, I never really see ramps in oak forests. Although, I will say we have found half-cap morels in here before, so maybe we’ll find some this year after it warms up.


This is one of the small creeks that runs through the woods. This is about as deep as they get. They are usually completely dried up by July. They always remain wet though. Just beyond the end of this creek (it’s super hard to see) there are a couple shaded pools that are still iced over.


In other news, one of my Gurney’s orders came in today! I got my 25 strawberry plants and two Ann raspberries (above). The one is HUGE. I thought they would send me a ton of little ones like the one on the right. The root ball on the left one almost filled the gallon pot by itself. They will have to survive there for a month until we can move into the new place. The strawberries are in the fridge crisper to keep them going. I have nowhere to plant them and I don’t really want to purchase 5 huge pots to put them all in. Maybe we will stop by walmart this weekend and I’ll see if I can find something. For some reason I didn’t anticipate potting soil and pot costs. Stupid. I won’t do that again. Of course, after all the pots I’m gonna need this year, I guess I won’t have to buy anymore for a while.

Other than that, I purged my art from the past 4 semesters of school. I threw out about 6lbs worth of drawings. I only kept the ones that inspired good memories or felt like an achievement. I also kept a couple for comparisons sake. I donated a large-ish box of books to the library today, mostly art books. I’ve had 40+ heavy art books lying around that I haven’t looked at since sophomore year of college (2010). It’s about time someone else could use them, so I sent a large bunch to the library. Also, I wanted to repay the library a little, they have done a lot for me in the past year. And I have bread in the oven, rising.  Overall it’s been a very productive day. I’m trying to really get a head start on moving. We have less than a month to close and over a month to the move, but I want to be ready. Last time we moved we gave ourselves a month and still rushed as much as possible. I want to have our things, especially things in storage or not being used, packed up and ready before we even think about packing our everyday things.

Anyway, have a good day and wish me luck with all these plants coming in! I’m still expecting 4-6 more raspberries and I have to do a major sowing for the garden this Friday.

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