Lazy Weekend—Our Last for a While

Hey everyone,

Justin and I are just spending a lazy weekend at home. Next weekend we are traveling up to my dad’s house for my birthday. Then the weekend after Justin will be gone for a wedding. Then who knows what will happen after that. We’ve got about a month until we close on the house and we both know that’s gonna be crazy. I also have to break our apartment lease here soon. On top of that, I have a lot of garden stuff to be doing. We have a lot of plants to put in this coming Friday and then the rest of them two weeks after. I’m going to have plants all over this place. I’m even going to be displacing out TV and stuff so that I have a proper shelf for them.

Soon I’ll be going into packing/purging mode for all of our stuff. I’m planning on donating a few of our books to the local library and probably throwing out bad clothing while donating the rest. I’ve got a ton of artwork to go through as well and throw away. I just have stacks of newsprint drawings that are useless. They were all the in-class practice we had to do that really doesn’t do anything. Hopefully we can really cut down on the amount of stuff we have to move. I know I will be pushing for a few things to disappear. I see no reason in keeping something if you haven’t used it for over a year. Obviously, if it’s gone that long, you don’t need it.

I was sort of hoping we could sell a few things, but the plain truth is, we don’t really have anything worth selling. Our furniture is destroyed or worn out badly and there is really nothing else, so I guess we won’t be selling. I’m just really trying to make this move less painful than the last one. Moving our entire lives up three flights of stairs really sucked. At least this time we won’t be carrying the stuff up, just down.

Nothing much else to report on. We had a second mini-harvest of lettuce and our first batch of alfalfa sprouts should be ready tomorrow or the day after. I’m looking forward to having them on my sandwiches! Hopefully, after school ends Monday, I can get back into art more since it won’t be such a chore. It will be for my own enjoyment.

Have a good weekend!

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  1. dreamfarming says:

    Post your furniture on free cycle or craigslist. Someone may take it off your hands. Mark destroyed clothing as rags and donate them to good will. They will sell them to a rag company. If you can, try to keep your stuff out the landfill when moving. Without stressing about it of course.

    1. We’re going to try. We might try donating the one chair, but the couch is literally firewood by now. There is just no way to save it, even the upholstery is bad. I will do the rag thing with the clothing though! Thanks!

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