7 Big Food Marketing Gimmicks

People need to open their eyes. Or their brains. One seems easier than the other.

The Zero-Waste Chef

I’m surprised no store employee or manager escorted me from the supermarket premises today. Looking for food to snap pictures of for this post, I kind of went a bit crazy once I started. I found so much material!

If aspects such as added sugar, overpackaging and dead food lacking nutrients don’t turn you off of processed food, maybe the fact that Big Food thinks we’re gullible at best will do the trick.

1. Vegetarian eggs

vegetarian eggs What’s up with the styrofoam here?

Wait, what? Chickens eat bugs, worms, maggots and so on, which they dig around for in the dirt. In other words, they don’t naturally eat a vegetarian diet. So, while you can feel good about supporting a farm that does not feed its hens animal by-products, you do have to question how the egg producers prevented them from eating bugs, worms, maggots and so on. Literally cooping them up indoors would achieve…

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