Injustice, Theft, or Laziness?

Hey Everyone,

Yesterday I had a friend post on Facebook about her eating habits. She likes to order from Jimmy John’s, I don’t blame her, the food is very tasty. She said she always orders extra avocado and pays $1.50 for the extra, yet she only receives about a teaspoon or two of avocado per 8 inch sandwich. Understandably, she was confused as to what she was paying for. It wasn’t her story that prompted this post, but the comments that ensued.

People are in an uproar over avocado. There were people saying “complain to the manager”, “call the company and complain to get free food”, or “don’t eat at that place ever again”. One person even went on a rant about how they “make sure” they get their six prescribed slices of cheese at Subway because some franchise owners tell their employees to only put on four. And how they have called and complained to the franchise, to corporate and tried to get free food for the “inconvenience”.

Now here’s my question; if you are willing to go through the effort to write letters, call large companies (and wait on hold), and go through all this effort, why don’t you just make a sandwich at home for 1/4 the price? Is it a sense of Injustice, Theft, or Laziness?

I understand a sense of injustice. When you pay for something, you expect to get that something, not a shadow or hint of its existence. But an easy cure is to either purchase the something you want and make it yourself, or just cut out the middle man and make your own sandwich. In this way I understand the feeling of “theft” as well. It would be like ordering at a high end restaurant and finding out they are feeding you food you can buy at Wal-Mart, which, coincidentally, they do sometimes. This is the reason I don’t like to eat out, plus when I cook, my food tastes and is seasoned how I like it.

Or is this really some strange American-warped laziness? It is no mystery that businesses are out to make money, so we can expect a significant mark-up. It is also no mystery that Americans have a massive sense of entitlement (even I’m guilty of this once in a while) and that they expect to be treated like kings and get everything for free. We’re the land of the free and home of the brave right? We’re the best country in the world right? We deserve everything for as little as possible!

Well, no you don’t and I’m not even going to get started on how the United States is no where near the best country in the world. It seems that people would rather spend hours on the phone, getting angry at a random customer service person to get two extra slices of cheese or free food vouchers. If you feel you need to go to that length to get decent food from a fast-food joint, you will be SHOCKED at the amount of time and energy you will save making it yourself. Not to mention the money. I can make 10 8-inch subs (enough for two weeks) for about $25. Let’s see you buy that many at JJ’s or Subway for that price, it won’t happen. I can also guarantee mine will have more food on them and it won’t be mostly lettuce. That also leaves us the option to customize them to our liking.

At places like Subway and JJ’s you’re paying for options, but if you always get the same damn thing, what’s the point? Save yourself the fight for cheese slices and make it yourself.

This is the problem with the world. We would rather spend hours and money consuming poorly than consume intelligently and save ourselves. Trees, oil products, water, agriculture, it’s all the same. Consuming without clear thinking makes us idiots.

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  1. Monika says:

    Amen to your last sentence! It really is kind of ridiculous how people complain out of laziness. Last week I taught some mothers at my daughters’ school the basics for takeout food, organic and/or vegetarian/vegan. When I showed them how much money they could save by simply planing ahead they were flabbergasted. Homemade is best and when you think of the time you spend cuing up you don’t even save time with buying meals outside.

    1. Agreed. I think there needs to be a huge shift in education, especially of children. If we bring back classes that teach them to cook, prepare and plan, they won’t be so susceptible to being this way.

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