Septic Issue Answers

Hey Everyone,

Well, we finally found out what’s been going on. The septic drain field of the house is out of code (due to age) and is not functioning to it’s full capacity. This means that the new drain field will have to be installed. The estimate finally came in and it’s going to cost about $7000. Fortunately for us, the Sellers are willing to cover $6000 of that. This means we are going to amend the contract and offer them an additional $1000 for the house. As of yet we do not have an appraisal, but both the buying agent and selling agent are confident it will appraise at or above purchase value. This will have to happen because, if I’m not mistaken, MSHDA and FHA loans do not allow you to purchase a house for more than it’s worth. Either way, we’re not out of the woods yet. After the appraisal I will have the most definite answer, but then again, we will still have to close and go through mortgage underwriting (which we’re in right now).

We are also trying to get a sketch of the repairs and area they will take place on the property. I would really hate to get a place all ready or even planted in vegetables and have them dug up and run over by machinery. The sellers are hoping to have the repairs done before we move in, but it’s not a for sure thing yet.

So, as of now, everything is looking pretty positive. That was a pretty scary position to be in, especially with garden plants already started, plans made and our lease-break deadline looming closer. I think it will all work out though, I’m trying to stay positive about it. It won’t be a relief though until we are in that house.

Other than that, everything is going well I think. I’ve got two more class periods left before I’m done with that and I’ve officially withdrawn from the class. Everything seems to be underway. We’ve also put in some new seeds for the forest/garden. We’ll talk about that more when I’m sure the house deal will go through.

And my Lily of the Valley is coming up!


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  1. My mother had lily of the valley planted under her climbing roses and honeysuckle … I must get some, a garden doesn’t smell ‘right’ without the combination!
    So glad things are moving again; you know my fingers and toes are crossed for you guys!

    1. Thanks, we hope everything is going to continue on as well. And I love these lilies, but I’ve only ever seen them growing in the woods. It will be nice to have some in the landscaping.

      1. Just be aware that they spread like wildfire! My mother had them in a border surrounded by paving so they couldn’t escape but she had to divide them every year. My brother planted some in his regular border and within 3 seasons they had taken over. The smell is devine though.

      2. Sounds like a good think to put out where you don’t mind them spreading! We’ll have lot’s of them, I can’t wait!

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