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Hey Everyone,

Well, we don’t have any news on the house yet. So far the sellers think the septic fix won’t be astronomically expensive, but they haven’t got an estimate yet.

Justin came home early today, he was having a pretty bad day. I’m having a decent day, but I tried to take a nap (because I don’t sleep well at night) and I woke up yelling. So, really not a lot of rest for me. Oh well.

I’ll check in when I have more.

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  1. Jonnie says:

    If you are having trouble sleeping, you probably can’t relax enough. Drink chamomile tea. Hot or cold, without any sugar. It will relax you and let you sleep. Until you know how quickly it will affect you, don’t drink it before driving, cooking, or bathing. The end results could be horrendous. How long you will sleep will match, with how long you need to sleep. It also helps with fevers, headaches, and surprisingly migraines. Drink it an hour before you are ready for bed. Both of you need to relax, and sleep well, before the tension gets really bad. A little lemon juice in water, warm water every morning will help you detoxify lightly each day to help keep you ready for each day, eat healthy, more fruit and veggies, than meats, at least while you are going through all of this. As much as the two of you are going through, you need to change your getting habits. Make your heaviest meal in the morning, next, the second meal should be lighter, and make your last meal of the day your lightest. Have a mid morning snack, a mid.afternoon snack, and a night, or bedtime snack, to keep your blood sugar even throughout the day. That will lessen some of the tension, as well. Well, dear ones I am going to stop lecturing the two of you. God bless and my thoughts are with you during this tension festival. Good luck and a speedy resolution, to your situation, and may it all go in your favor.

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