Finished Art Assignment


Hey Everyone!

So I finished my art assignment for my figure drawing class. I decided to do a portrait of Justin and really experiment with the paint. I really want to start watercolor painting in a way that’s fun, fresh and excites me. So far, this is working. I might be doing some floral things like this as well, so if you have a need for home decor, keep your eyes peeled. I think I’ll go down to the “thrifty florist” tomorrow and purchase some flowers to take pictures of and practice on.


I thought I would also give you a sneak peak into the process of this piece! So first I got the portrait all sketched out and erased the extra lines. Then I put a type of rubber cement (masking fluid) on certain areas to keep them pure white (it’s the yellow-ish areas).


Next I put a medium dark section of paint down, making sure to keep them separate. The left side of the hood went in first, then the orange blended into the top of the hood. That really cool texture is caused by dripping rubbing alcohol on the wet paint. Cool huh? In some parts, as you can see, I destroyed the edge of the shapes and let the paint run, to make it less stiff.

0302151352This was the fun part. I added the left shoulder and blew out the edge with water, then added the rubbing alcohol. Then I got to work on the background. I splattered paint, sprayed it with a fine mist of water, pushed it around, put alcohol on it, splattered it again, and stopped when it looked right.


For the last step, I added some shading/skin to the face area and pushed the contrast on the hood near the head. I also took the masking fluid off to reveal the nice white areas. I’m pretty happy with it. I think I could do a bit more with details in the face, but this was from one of my own photos and I blew it out when I processed it. On purpose, but it’s a bit harder to draw from.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy!

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