Garden Update: The Onions are up!

Hey Everyone!

Well, as you can see below, the onions are up. They all came up pretty fast actually. It’s those seeds from MIGardener, they’re good ones!

Anyway, the Sweet Spanish Onions are up.

wpid-0227150958a.jpg wpid-0227150958.jpg

And you can see, between the orange and purple straw, the leeks are coming up as well. I’m glad I put a divider in, they are identical at this stage. No show on the ramps so far. If they end up not coming up, I know a couple places where I can pick 10-15 plants and sneak them back home to multiply. I’m not going to eat them the first year anyway, I think I’m going to fill a raised bed with them and just let them come back every year.


the lettuce has really perked up since I transplanted it. It seems like four of the plants are doing really well, the smaller ones are just trying to catch up. They are really enjoying their extra space. The Arugula on the left side is putting out more leaves as well. Out of all of them, I think it disliked the transplant the most.

Other than that, the house stuff is still moving forward. We’ve gotten to that point where the mortgage company needs a 3″ stack of papers signed and that’s no exaggeration. I’m looking at it on the table right now. We’ll be waiting for the appraisal to see what that yields, I’ll update when we get the results. Nothing much else happening. We’re hoping to just spend a nice quiet weekend at home. I know Justin is really looking forward to having nowhere to go.

Have a great weekend and Don’t forget to subscribe!



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