Home Inspection Results

Hey Everyone!

So, we got our home inspection done yesterday afternoon. After 3 hours of driving a almost a 5 hour trip, I’m extremely happy to say that we passed the inspection with flying colors! We have a small list of maintenance repairs to make, but none of them are more than a $15 fix. Super simple things. The biggest ones were the lack of GFCI outlets in the kitchen/bathrooms and the garage roof, which is being fixed by the sellers anyway.

We were also told that for a 24 year old modular home, ours is in fantastic condition. Which is great news for us since we’re dirt poor. Since we got such great results, and I was there, I took some pictures of the place to share with you! Now, it’s not much, but it was only $95,000, it’s in great condition and we have 2.85 acres of land to homestead on. It’s perfect.


This is the front facing the road. One of the bushes has to be removed since it’s being scorched by the pellet stove outlet.


Back of the house. All the stuff next to the garage will be gone. We have our own fire pit on the right and we’re thinking about building a deck off the house from the sliding glass door.

wpid-0225151744.jpgAll this tall grass (except off in the distance on the left) is all ours. It stretches another 150 to the right of this photo. It will need to be dealt with, but it means we can keep expanding if we want to! I may plant a decent portion of it in sunflowers next year if we can collect enough seeds! It should be awesome!

Well, I hope you are as excited as we are. Everything is moving forward and looking great. The sellers just need to have the appraisal done and the well/septic inspection and we’ll be good to go! Our solid closing date is April 15th. I can’t wait for that day to come!

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  1. atkokosplace says:

    Your home is beautiful. What an exciting adventure you are on and you will have plenty of space to do many fun things! Good for you both! All the best, Koko✿

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