Home Inspection Today

Hey Everyone,

Well, due to a snow storm, the home inspection got cancelled yesterday and rescheduled for today. So I’ll be heading out this afternoon to drive 1.5 hours to the house, oversee the inspection, and then drive the 1.5 hours back. Yay.

Hopefully today we will get good inspection results. This is the last real hurdle before it’s official that we want this house. The mortgage is pretty much taken care of (we got a 3.75% rate!) and everything else is up to the sellers. They need to get a septic/well inspection done and then get the house appraised. The only problems that could cause is if the inspection is bad or the house appraises for less than what we’re buying it for. Either way, we shouldn’t have much to worry about. We found out why they wanted us to pay for the septic/well inspection and it was a lack of cash, so we tacked some money onto the purchase price for them. We’re not too worried about anything at this point, just the regular home inspection today.

Other than that, there isn’t too much going on. I’ve hit that point during my school break where I have no idea what to do anymore. Or, at least, I have things I know I should do (like homework) and things I’m going to ignore (like homework). I’m just not really motivated to do a bunch of work for no reason. That’s the biggest problem at this point. When I make work on my own, it has a purpose, when I make work for school, it’s because someone told me to. Then, in return, they give me a magical piece of paper that has a grade on it that anyone and everyone ignores anyway. (Rant over) So, in short, I don’t want to do my homework.

Oh! I did go grocery shopping yesterday! How exciting! I actually really like grocery shopping. I had a budget of $100 and a huge list of things to get and I spent $99.91. Talk about frugal. I got everything I needed except milk and cheesecloth. I couldn’t find the cheesecloth and milk is so often on sale that I refuse to pay $3 or more a gallon. I just buy 2-4 gallons when it goes on sale for $1.99 and then I make lots of cheese.

I also almost completely finished my garden shopping yesterday (minus tools). The only seeds I needed were my herbs and the sunflowers. Thanks to a great coupon, I got 1200 Mammoth Graystripe Sunflower seeds for $7 (free shipping). Then I got all my herb seeds, except mint, for $12. The only things I need still are Mint, Snowdrop bulbs and Rosemary. I’ll buy the mint anywhere, the snowdrops will take a bit of searching and I’ll buy the Rosemary as started plants in the spring.

If anyone has some snowdrop bulbs they don’t want (we’re in the US), let me know! I’ll gladly take them off your hands!

Have a great day and hopefully the inspection goes well! I’ll weigh in tomorrow!

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  1. dreamfarming says:

    You’ll have to check garage sales for tools. Even if people aren’t selling their tools if they have their garage open you could offer to buy things you see hanging against the wall. I think most people have tools they don’t need in their garages.

    1. I will keep that in mind! I know my Dad probably has a ton he never uses and doubles of everything.

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