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Hello Everyone!

So, I had a grand idea and got the approval from Justin. I just ordered 1200 Mammoth Graystripe Sunflower seeds (heirloom of course) and I can’t wait to put them in. Money is looking tighter and tighter for this coming year, especially since I have no gardening tools and Justin might be taking a paycut to work from home. So I wanted to do something special for Justin, but my big projects are going to have to wait.

So I just bought 1200 sunflower seeds for $7 (from Gurney’s, make sure you use their free shipping code on retailmenot). These plants are going to be planted, 2-3 rows thick, in a 12’x12′ square with a door. This is going to serve as our outdoor sunbathing area and should be, with the addition of morning glories, completely private. Now you can call us hippies, but clothing is totally overrated and I, for one, have not taken my shirt off outside since I was 13. I’m tired of that. This area should be great for sunbathing without worrying about my body image issues.

I can’t wait to plant this! I’m going to put it next to the garden as well to keep the bees around, or attract them. Then, we’ll harvest quite a few of the heads, save the seeds and use them for sprouts during the winter AND plant all our own sunflowers next year. If we can collect enough, I may mow down part of the tall grass (wasted area) and plant it all with sunflowers. We’ll have a sunflower forest!

Anyway, Justin is super excited about these sunflowers. He really, really likes them and the bigger the better in his mind. This variety should be 10-14ft tall with heads 10″ to 24″ across. They will be massive.

Other than that, I’ve reworked the garden, again, I’m combining a lot of principles I’ve learned and companion planting, which has shaved 240sqft off the garden with more plants than I originally intended. I’ve got all their final numbers down, which I will share soon. But for now, I am completely prepared with seed, numbers and plans so that everything can be started on time and go into the garden accordingly. It should be smooth sailing from here.

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  1. butchcountry67 says:

    when growing giant sunflowers , remember to stake them, you will need to drive long poles (you can get decorative but functional bamboo poles (about 6 feet long) from the dollar store and use them and simply zip tie the stalks to the stakes/poles when they reach the 4 to 6 foot height , the heads of these sunflowers get quite heavy and during a high wind can pull the plant over and break or split the stalks, also the heads will droop over the course of time, and no amount of watering seems to remedy this, if you find a solution to the droopy heads please be sure to let me know.

    1. Will do! I may put in corner stakes and run a wire. I won’t be able to stake all of them.

  2. I love that I caught your blog when your home was still in the dream stage, and now I’m following you into reality! I can’t wait to see your successes (and failures, as long as they are small, and you still gain experience from them!). This sounds like an awesome plan… Keep posting your ideas and updates!

    1. We will, don’t worry! I’m so glad to see it finally coming together! It’s really awesome!

  3. VivianaAyre says:

    All I can think about is homemade sunflower seeds 😛 Yummmmmmm
    But I love sunflowers and having a sunflower wall is an awesome idea!

    1. Hopefully it turns out as cool as we hope! I think it should work!

  4. daphnecybele says:

    Lovely idea to do a room of sunflowers and morning glories. We did a wall last summer of mammoth sunflowers, and then another of smaller ones. It was great, hard though to dry the heads and keep from birds and mice. Good luck, and happy sunning!!!!!!

    1. Thank you! I’m hoping we can save a few heads of seeds, nothing too major though.

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