Sunday on the Homefront: Garden Ideas

Hey everyone!

Since I’m so excited about the garden,  I thought I would share my plans with you and share the first look at our soon-to-be house!

Home plan ideas 2-21-15

This is an aerial shot of the house and the property. It’s roughly 400′ x 300′, about 2.8 acres. It’s plenty big enough for anything we need, that’s for sure!

As you can see, 50ft past the house the landscape is completely overgrown. Fortunately it’s just grass, no trees as of yet. The bad news is, because there are no trees, it’s totally open to the HUGE monoculture field behind it. That means if they spray anything or disc, all the dust will go right to our house.That’s one of the first things on my list to fix. As you can see, I have “Plant Trees” marked on the north side of the property. It’s going to take some serious cash to get trees in there, but I think it will be worth it. It should create a windbreak and separate us from the farm. If you didn’t notice, there are only like eight trees on the whole property. At this point, we may leave the grass to grow until we can afford a lawn mower…

Anyway, then I have the garden placed. It looks small, but it’s actually 30′ x 42′. The five circles on the east end are the bean teepees. Then there are four raised beds on the west side, a raspberry cane patch, the fire pit and the sunflower hut. We will also be installing a line for drying clothing (on the west side of the house) and then I’m thinking the fruit trees will go just beyond that. Now that I think about it, I might put the clothesline somewhere else….I don’t want a bunch of bees in my clothing. Future bee boxes will probably go in the orchard itself, or near it.

I’m trying to design the place with permaculture zones in mind. Basically, I want to keep what we use most often near the house and things we don’t use that often, further from it. I’ll play around a bit more. The only REALLY permanent thing is the orchard, so I will have to decide on that one for good.

garden 2-11-15

Here’s a quick sketch of what the garden will look like and the plants going into it. Lot’s and lot’s of plants. It’s going to be a lot of work, but I think I can make it happen! I will probably put something down in between the rows for mulch, I’m just not sure what to use yet. I’m thinking grass might be easiest since we’ll have so much of it. We’ll just need a lawn mower with a catch bag or a couple rakes I suppose.

Well, there’s the first look at the house and what I plan to do with it. That’s just the first/second years worth of plans. After that I might even expand it so we have chickens and make our own grain or something! It could be a lot of fun!

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  1. butchcountry67 says:

    have you thought of Caragana bushes in place of some trees along your borders? it would help cut down the cost of all those trees, or perhaps lilac bushes, they can grow in excess of 10 feet tall, they also make great wind breaks.

    Also I don’t know if you are vegetarians or vegans, if not, have you gave any thought to perhaps one day acquiring a few animals? chickens for eggs and meat etc.

    just a thought.

    1. I’ve actually been thinking about lilacs. I plan on putting a few in.
      We’re not sure about raising meat animals yet. It would definitely help us with grocery costs, but I’m not sure if it can offset the cost of putting in a new building or paddock. They would need a serious place to keep out of the elements since it’s so open. We will probably do chickens and bees, but beyond that, only time will tell.

      1. VivianaAyre says:

        As far as bees, I would suggest saving money and invest in FlowHIve!!! I am obsessed with bees and seriously this new invention is the best thing ever. You have a higher chance of keeping your bees (less risk of them spontaneously leaving) and you literally turn on a spigot and and get honey!
        Also I suggest looking into getting a guard goose to help with bugs, and if you are concerned about housing, quail need less space and you can actually repurpose old dressers to make awesome places for them. DOn’t know if that is of interest to you. 🙂

      2. I’ve actually seen the FlowHive, it seems pretty cool. Although Justin is in charge of bees and I think he’ leaning toward TopBar hives. As for birds, I think we might have to skip them for the first year at least, there’s just so much to do! Hopefully we can get some in a year or two. I haven’t even started to decide what I’m going to do with that. Thank you!

      3. VivianaAyre says:

        Oh definitely make animals year two or three considering everything you’ve had to purchase, I totally get it. 🙂
        I’ll have to look into TopBar Hive. I’m starting to get hardcore into planning for bees because in about 5 years I want to start my homestead. Soooo kinda living vicariously through you guys now 😛

      4. Haha, no problem! TopBar is kind of the most natural way to keep bees, it allows them to perform every single natural function and then the beekeepers harvest honey when there is an excess. That way the bees aren’t just honey slaves.

  2. MMY says:

    Contact the local extension agency and look at the Arbor day foundation online. We just got a bunch of trees and bushes for donating. The agency may have inexpensive seedlings to buy.

    1. We’re definitely taking out a membership with the Arbor Day Foundation. I plan on using them for most of my tree needs. We can get our fruit trees from them as well, on dwarf stock, for a 1/4 of what they cost as the nursery. I’ll donate money to them anytime.

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