The Garden Has Started: 12 Weeks Out

Hey Everyone!

Well, it’s that time of year finally. Time to get the garden started. First things in are seed onions of course!


I got an extra 72 cell seed tray (I have 3 now) and I took the cells out to plant the onions. I figured I would grow them in a mat until planting time, just to save myself the hassle. They are easy to tease apart and I’ll probably have more than I need anyway. This will just make it easier to keep them trimmed.

In the front is Sweet Spanish Onions, a whole bunch of them. After the purple straw it’s Zermatt Leeks, roughly 40 of them. After the orange straw is my Ramps. My plan is to plant ramps and get them to start spreading. I might even attempt to get them to take over an entire 4×8 garden bed. That way I can just keep growing them. I’ll collect their seeds as well to continue them on. I like ramps and I would like a batch of my own, so we’ll see how it goes! The ramps will not be trimmed. I’ll transplant them into little pots probably. I have no idea how fast they grow, but since they are in the onion family, I started them now.

As I was planting these, I kept trying to save seeds. I ordered exactly what I needed and it dawned on me that they all needed to be planted. With that epiphany, I realized that this is a huge project I’m undertaking. I’ve never had a garden with more than 200 plants in it. This years garden will have almost 1500. It’s a big project and it’s seriousness has become plain, since this IS our food supply for the summer/winter. Here’s hoping I don’t mess it up.


I also transplanted the lettuces and arugula into a window box. Once they perk up they’ll look better. I’m hoping to at least get a couple heads of lettuce off them before we move. Judging from their maturity dates, they should make it.


I also repotted and trimmed my African Violets. They were getting too root bound for their containers, which is sort of funny because they “love” to be root bound. Anyway, now they are in slightly bigger pots with some fresh compost and I might even have a new one. I had a sprout coming off another that fell off, so I planted it. I’ll show you pictures once they bloom again!

Have a good day!

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4 Comments Add yours

  1. I can’t imagine having a garden with 1,500+ plants… Last year I had 7 and it didn’t go well. Why did you put chicken wire around the window planter?

    1. Haha, hopefully I can handle all those plants. The chicken wire is around the window box to stop the cat from messing with it. She has a sweet tooth for leafy greens.

  2. VivianaAyre says:

    Seriously in the week or two I’ve been following you, I am obsessed with your blog. I love it! ❤

    1. Haha, thank you! I’m glad you like it!

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