Herb Series 6: Lavender

The Johnson Homestead

Probably my #1 Herb/Flower/Plant whatever you want to call it. This beauty has a ton of benefits for you, your garden, your chicken coop, your dogs..all sorts of things. The bright blooms are gorgeous to look at and if you’ve ever walked through a patch of lavender in a garden the smell is like nothing else.


Lavandula angustifolia is the classic lavender that most people are familiar with. It can also be found on the market as Common Lavender, French Lavender (when it comes from France), True Lavender, English Lavender or Lavender. You may also see it labeled as Lavandula officinalisLavandula x intermedia is quickly becoming a popular ‘Lavender’ species on the market. It can sometimes be found as Dutch Lavender, but is often sold as Lavender. We are slowly seeing it labeled properly as Lavandin.

According to Mountain Rose Herbs:

“Lavender is an aromatic perennial evergreen…

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