Accepted House Offer

Hey Everyone!

Well I have a big update today! Our home offer was finally accepted!! I’ve already got the home inspection set up for Tuesday afternoon and after we get the green light from that, it’s a race to closing! We will have to wait for the sellers to close on the house they are buying before we close on ours, it’s in the contract. But that’s not a huge deal, they had their accepted offer on Monday I believe, so they are a few days ahead of us. It should be smooth sailing if the inspection goes well.

Now that we have an accepted offer, I’m going to start planning the garden around the house. I have the garden already roughed out and in progress, but I want to set it all up so it’s aesthetic as well as functional. We are also taking out an Arbor Day Foundation membership and ordering all our fruit trees from them. I can get 10 fruit trees, 10 flowering trees, a red maple, and 2 forsythia’s for $150 and all the fruit trees are dwarf grafts. That sounds like a great deal to me and the best price I’ve come up with so far. The new property is also VERY open, I think we have one tree, so I’m going to be ordering trees to line the back of the property with to cut the wind. Right now I’m leaning toward Aspen. They are beautiful, fast growing, and they spread through suckers. It’s a great way to fill a big area fast. They also create food for butterflies, which will help pollinate the garden. Good all around.

Other plans include taking the beans out of the garden and making teepees for them. The sunflowers will be grown in a circle with a “doorway”. I’ll probably put a chair in there. I’m also planning on 4 raised beds for the strawberries, flowers, herbs and possibly a lentil patch (great for sprouting). Oh, and the raspberries will be grown next to the strawberry bed I think. If I choose to move them later, it shouldn’t be too big a deal.

On that note, I’ll also have to do some transplanting in the landscaping around the house. There are some “iffy” choices that need to be fixed. But I’ll fix that, no problem. I can’t wait to see what kind of bulbs/plants come up in the landscaping, maybe if they have been there a while I’ll be able to split them up and plant more.

Who knows?! The possibilities are endless. I’ll sketch out the house/property when I go to get the inspection done, that way I can plan around what’s there and see what needs to be changed. I know it comes with a fire pit though! I can’t wait to cook on it during the summer!

Have a great day!

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  1. Sounds awesome!
    Bring a camera to the inspection and take lots of pictures (or videos). This way while you are waiting for the date to take possession you can look back through the pictures. We did it with out current house and we’re so glad we did. As the days past into weeks you forget certain things…and a quick look at the pics helped with all the planning. And….if anything gets damaged when the existing owner moves out….you have proof that it wasn’t like that during he inspection. Also great to take pics of things the inspector points out.

  2. Congrats!! Can’t wait to see what you are going to do!

    1. Thanks! I can’t wait either!

  3. Grower says:

    How exciting! I’ll be curious to see how your lentil growing goes. I’ve wanted to try them but thought I might be too far north to get many. Best of luck with your new estate. You seem to be the planning type and that will serve you well.

    1. From what I’ve heard, the farther north the better for lentils (or mung beans). They HATE hot weather. And thanks! Though I have a tendency to over-plan things. Being a right-brained person, I’m constantly thinking on how to make it better and more efficient.

  4. mattb325 says:

    Great news! I’m so pleased for you both…I bet you can’t wait 🙂

    1. We’re really excited!!

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