Finished with Drawing-Final Project


Well, today I finally finished my Drawing class that I took a single credit in (that’s why I’m getting out early). This is what I created. It’s a 60″ x 30″ wall scroll made of canvas. I hand stitched all the sides with 1/4″ double stitches. It took me almost 6 hours to finish the sewing. There was no way I could have used a machine since the canvas was thick and then it had 5-8 layers of paint on it as well. This is all spray paint and acrylic paint, I made stencils for the biohazard and the guy. It took me roughly 2 hours to plan out the stencils and cut them out. Overall, this was probably a 12 hour project, maybe more if you count all the “drying” time I had to wait through.

Anyway, that means my Tuesday and Thursday classes are gone. I will only have to stop in one more time to pick up all my work and take it home. I’m glad I’m done, I was really enjoying the class and I actually met a couple people I didn’t mind conversing with, but I have been run ragged lately. Between the house, 2 graduate courses and trying to plan everything, I’m tired. It will be nice to have one less class to worry about and no more deadlines lining up on the same day.

This week I’m off school for “mid-winter break”. Whatever that is. We get two week-long breaks in the spring semester, which is odd, but it’s fine with me! I’ll be spending the week catching up on sleep and probably getting our home inspection done. I haven’t set it up yet because I’m waiting for the final signatures from the sellers. We were supposed to have it done by this afternoon, but of course, they are running at their usual glacial pace.

Have a good night and hopefully I’ll be able to give the final word on the house tomorrow.

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  1. Love the drawing!!

    Just wanted to say keep your chin up! When we were trying to purchase our property the owners were also so slow moving. We literally had to walk them through the entire process and “hold their hands” to get the offer accepted. It was a long and tiresome process but oh so worth it.

    Hopefully it gets moving along soon. Then before you know it you will be moved in!

    Good luck.

    1. I hope so, I can’t wait to get in and get the garden going! It should be a pretty smooth process after we get the signatures done. Then we have to wait for them to close on their new house and we can move in!

  2. VivianaAyre says:

    Holy moly that is awesome! I would buy this. No joke.

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