Sunday on the Homefront: Waiting, Waiting, Waiting

Hey Everyone,

Sorry I haven’t updated in a couple days. We’re still waiting on our offer for the house. At this point we have all legal rights to back out of the deal, but we really like the place, so we’re going to try to get it. Besides, nothing else has come along that trumps this place.

So here’s what’s happening. The owners of the house we’re trying to buy are also trying to buy a house. They don’t want to end up homeless during the process, so they are trying to solidify their deal before they accept ours. The only problem is, the person they are buying a house from is unavailable and on a cruise, which is just great. I think it annoys me so much because it’s someone who is not even remotely connected to us that is messing up the process. The good news is that the owners like our offer and will probably counter offer, but not for money. They apparently have an existing survey with stakes and we had asked for a new one. We are totally okay with accepting the existing survey.

We’re hoping to have an accepted offer this week, but if this goes on too much longer, I’m going to start setting up other home showings. It’s a great place, but we’re on a timeline too and need to get going. Also, now that we have gone through all the pre-approval and docked our credit scores to do it, the clock is ticking until those things run out. Our first priority is this house of course, but I don’t want to put ourselves in a spot  because we’re waiting for people to get their stuff in order.

Anyway, here’s hoping it all goes through this week and I can get an inspector out there and get the final okay. Then we WILL be on the path to having a home in time for spring.

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