On Pins and Needles

Hey Everyone,

So, we’re just over here, not sleeping, waiting on our offer. Justin and I have been on pins and needles these past two days hoping our offer will be accepted. Neither of us has slept hardly at all (I just got a 2 hour nap in that didn’t help) and we’re really excited. We already have plans in place in the case of a counter offer, but no worries. All the financial paperwork is in and it looks like everything is going well. It’s just a waiting game now.

1948091_10206199922825780_7533463339510067297_n 10603725_10206199925945858_7725536810538972589_n

Since we are sitting around waiting, I thought I would show you the FIGS! They are getting huge! I am extremely happy with them. If you want great fig plants, get them from Hirts.com. Seriously, Hirt’s Gardens has some wonderful plants and even though these were shipped in december in freezing weather, they bounced back very quickly and are doing wonderful. I think the first one is almost 8 inches tall now, it started out at about 3. As you can see, the first tree is a single trunk while I’m letting the second one branch into two separate trunks. This is sort of an experiment to see who produces more, my bet is that the single trunk will produce first, but the double will produce more. Either way, figs!!

I know it’s too early, but I’m already starting to envision what our lives will be like at this new house (if we get it) and I already have a major project planned (in my head of course). If we do get the house, I will draft it up and share it with you all. I think you will really like it! It will also be a gift from me to Justin. It may not get done this year, but I know he would really love it. If we get the house, I’ll figured out how to make it happen.

Nothing else going on for now. I’ll update you as soon as we know what’s going on!

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  1. amcmulin914 says:

    Sending you both positive vibes on your homestead!

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