Why do I have such weird dreams??

Hey Everyone,

So, this morning after Justin got up to get around for work, I fell back asleep and had a dream that I was mauled by a woodchuck. I don’t know if it’s all the groundhog day pictures floating around, but I definitely had my neck ripped off by a gopher.

Nothing like a sunrise peaking in through your window while you wonder if you’re bleeding to death or not.

Anyway, not much to report on yet. As you know, we rescheduled looking at houses for this coming Sunday. We’re forecasted to get MORE snow again, I can’t seem to find how much. Hopefully it’s not too bad because we need to look at those houses! One of them seems really perfect, but we keep getting put off to look at it. Fortunately, no one has made an offer on it yet. It could be a dud house, or it could be the location, I’m not sure. Hopefully it’s the latter. I would really like it to be the right place.

Other than that, I’m just busy working on school projects. My prof was kind enough to let me stay home today and work on my project since it’s almost 6ft tall. It’s kind of hard to transport. Although, the main reason I’m staying home is because I’m using spray paint, and I can’t really use that in class. I’ll probably spend a good chunk of today working on it.

Have a great day!

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  1. Jonnie says:

    Good luck with your school project. About your desire for a home, don’t expect perfection. Nothing in life is perfect. Yet, you can make it as close to perfect as possible. If the location is suitable, the price is right, and you are willing to make it yours, using a little elbow grease,( and you are obviously willing, as much as you do),😁 You can make it ‘perfect’ for you. Just don’t let your goal overwhelm you, as you are looking, consider your skills, and how they will help you. If you try to do too much at one time, you will become unhappy with your effort, and the results. There are two of you to share the work, which is better than you know. Good luck on finding the right place, and making it yours. I hope you find it soon, then the roller coaster ride, you are on, will smooth out. Enjoy it all!!!

    1. Thank you and we will enjoy it! We just want the weather to cooperate!

  2. Read a good book by someone called Wallace on the 100 Most Common Dreams. It really describes how some of our impressions of the day or week get so jumbled up but is interesting how as humans we can have similar types of dreams..like teeth falling out as a childhood memory and links to changes we are going through. Take care though! Of the Gopher!

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