Why I will never boil another egg

Canadian Acres

1-DSC_0007 Our lovely assortment of eggs

As light begins to come back to us through longer days, our gorgeous hens have upped their production of eggs. As of now, we have 8 full time laying hens: 4 olive eggers (green eggs), 1 mixed breed (tan egg), 2 blue orpingtons (light brown and pink eggs) and 1 black orpington (light brown eggs). We have yet to find 8 eggs in one day, but they are starting to consistently lay 6-7 per day which adds up very quickly. So I find myself with an over abundance of eggs and there have never been more frittatas made.

Since my husband loves hard boiled eggs I attempted to keep at least a half a dozen in the fridge at all times. Though, our eggs are so fresh, they didn’t peel very easily. In fact, not easily at all. By the time you got the shell off…

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  1. James Gielow says:

    I never thought about steaming! What a great idea. Although, I haven’t had much issues with peeling my fresh eggs. With having so many, I’m always looking for ways to mix it up. I’ll steam next time if just for some variety. Eggs eggs eggs. All day long.

    1. I never thought of it either, it seems like a great idea though! It might cut down on cracking too, who knows!?

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