We Made it Home Alive!

Hey Everyone,

Well, we’re back home in our apartment now. We made it home alive. The highway was cleared and dry, so it was pretty easy going. The hardest part was just getting out of my dad’s driveway and getting to our apartment after the highway.

It looks like Dad got about 10-12 inches of snow, it looks like here in Ann Arbor we got the 12-15 inches they were predicting. The maintenance crew at the apartment complex is still scrambling to try to clear it up. I had to park next to a 3ft drift! I hope they get it cleaned up soon so I don’t have to worry about getting to class tomorrow.

Also, good news, I didn’t miss any school today, it was cancelled. It’s pretty rare for a college to cancel classes, but I got lucky this time. This will also give me some extra time to work on my projects and clean them up a bit more.


Justin cleaned off my car for me this morning while my jacket was in the laundry. This driveway was ploughed last night by my dad and then we had to shovel some of it to get out as well. It was a pain in the butt!

Well, home now, time to get everything going and ready to head back this coming weekend. We’ll hopefully look at houses this coming Sunday. I’m pretty bummed out we had to cancel, but it was going to be impossible for our agent to get to us, so I completely understand. The joys of house hunting in the middle of the country!

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  1. It will give you a taster of shovelling snow each morning to get to your future livestock!

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