My Recommendations for February 2nd, 2015

Homestead Your Head

Good morning folks! It’s a chilly 26 degrees out there this morning. BRRRRR! Happy Groundhog’s Day! I wonder how Punxsutawney Phil is going to react. I’m sure most of us are ready for spring. I know I’m chomping at the bit to get some gardening going.  I’m not sure what all we’ve settled on, but it’s all got to be containers this year. Let’s see if has any more inspiration for us.

These selections are free at time of posting. Always check the price before ordering as I am not responsible for any purchases you might make.

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4 Comments Add yours

  1. Amber Autumn says:

    Great post! I downloaded a bunch of these for my Kindle app today. How do you find all these great free books?

    1. I actually reblog these posts. But you can do a search on the kindle store, then arrange the results from lowest price to highest. Then the free ones are listed first. It changes everyday though.

      1. Amber Autumn says:

        Thanks for the tip!

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