Winter Storm Linus: Why do we name winter storms?

Hey All,

As you know, we’re going to look at houses tomorrow. Apparently there is a big winter storm coming our way. It’s predicted to drop 8-12 inches of snow near my dad’s house, which is where we are at. It’s then predicted to drop 12-18 inches at home, where our apartment is. Hopefully it won’t be that bad, but I guess there is a slight possibility of us being stuck at Dad’s, not that I mind. The animals are taken care of at home and I’ll cut have to miss class, oh darn.

Well, here’s hoping it doesn’t get too bad, we especially don’t want it to interrupt our home-searching taking place tomorrow.

Have a good weekend and if you’re in the midwest, stay warm and be safe!

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P.S. Why are we naming winter storms? They aren’t hurricanes, they aren’t really destructive. I think it’s just really silly to name them. Just another reason for people to be fearful about nothing.


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  1. daphnecybele says:

    Complerely agree, I think this naming of snowstorms business is silly. Cover some real news instead. Look forward to your posts, and your homestead hunting!

  2. We don’t name them in Buffalo, NY but in the city of NY they do. I think they do it to be more dramatic lol

    1. I think so too. Sometimes the names are clever. Snow Storm “Gorgon” froze everything in place (referencing Medusa) and this storm, Linus, blanketed everyone in snow (referencing the Peanuts).

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