McKinley Apartments and their Refusal to fix known Problems

Hey Everyone,

So I overheard some interesting things today. Justin and I went on a lunch date (I had to take him mortgage approval paperwork) at a new restaurant here. It was P.F. Chang’s, which I’ve never been too, it wasn’t bad. Kinda fancy for chinese food, but still very tasty.

Anyway, it’s not about the food.

Some people were seated at the table next to ours and I heard some words that piqued my interest. Such as the name of the owner of our apartment (McKinley Apartments) and the names of some places we used to live, like the Villa’s. I was interested in what they were saying, because if like us they hated the place, I would have just agreed with them. However, upon listening further I found out that they are some sort of regional property manager group, possibly even state. They had just walked a couple of properties and were commenting on how bad they were, which is true.

Now, before I go further, in our leasing contract the owners of this estate are to keep it in good condition at all times, they are legally obligated to fix faulty appliances and replace them if necessary, no matter the cost. In other words, if the water heater breaks down, they can’t say “well, we aren’t gonna really fix it, just make it barely run, because it’s too expensive”.

So, the managers were talking about how they were refusing to replace water heaters and had either barely got them running or re-routing piping because “the residents don’t pay for repairs, so why should we do them?” How horrible is that? They also commented on leaky roofs and the absence of rain gutters for the same reason. They don’t believe renters should get free repairs on parts of the building that they have no control over. They were also discussing how they were going to considerably hike rates for the worst apartment complexes and do no maintenance on them at all. They said multiple times “Why are we putting money into these properties?” and their reasoning was that the properties were in terrible condition, and they knew that, but we’re going to fix them.

Now I don’t know about you, but that’s shady as shit. I believe, it’s also illegal to be aware of a problem and refuse to fix it, especially if it hurts the residents or puts them in harms way. I would say leaky roofs, broken water heaters, and refusing to fix things puts them in harm’s way. It also drives up our utility bills when things don’t work properly. I now understand why our water bill here (Schooner Cove) is literally a quarter of the water bill at the Villas, where we used to live.

Of course, it was way too noisy at the restaurant to record them, so I can’t do anything about it. I have no proof this happened. But I do know 2 men and one woman who are connected to maintenance on McKinley properties ate at P.F. Chang’s this afternoon, around 1pm at the Briarwood Mall and discussed how they were refusing to fix obvious and potentially dangerous problems on their Ann Arbor properties.

I can’t wait to be out of this McKinley, renting hell, forever.

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  1. Jonnie says:

    Take what you know to the city housing inspectors, Write to the newspapers, contact a television news program, contact Housing Authorities, contact the building owners, and management company. Then take pictures in the buildings mentioned, and gather signatures, for a petition. Call together a tenants meeting, have a legal advisor there to discuss a class action suit against the owners, and the management company. Get a copy of Renters Rights, and the owners, and management companies, responsibilities, so you can speak of it with full knowledge of what you can, and can’t do. Let them know that you have the copies of both, and know they are not fulfilling their obligations, and just how far you are willing to go, to have everything rectified. Your biggest advantage will be your knowledge, and willingness to go public with the situation, the petition, and the pictures will put the final nail in their coffin. I would say have it condemned, but that will lead to a lot of people becoming homeless. Follow through with the suit and maybe you will receive compensation enough that you can find a better place. Having at one time managed apartments, I know not all owners are bad, some just turn the management over to others, trusting that they will do their job. Take heart, there will be karma , for their miss deeds. You are just helping it catch up to them sooner.😁

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